Destiny is NOW


Over tea the other day a friend of mine shared a story of a pastor.

A pastor that was once a homeless person, an addict, and committed felonies.

A homeless person that received a hug.

One hug that changed his life.

After days of digging in garbage bins for something to eat, no shower, no soap, no change of clothing, a woman asked if she could give him a hug.

One hug that changed his life.

A kind gesture to show that he was seen.

That’s all it took.

And as she hugged him she said, “Jesus loves you.”

A kind gesture from another that only took seconds.

And Words to know that he is loved.

And a life was changed.

Sometimes people tell me they just haven’t figured out the ‘destiny God has’ for their life.

But what if Destiny is NOW?

“What if, instead of thinking DESTINY as some GRAND EVENT, Destiny is the small choices we make every minute?”  Tweet This

Destiny could be that compassionate smile you give to that mom struggling with a screaming toddler in the grocery store.

Destiny could be that napkin you offer to someone who has just spilled her coffee on her shoes.

Destiny could be that prayer you offer to someone with tears sitting next to you in church.

Destiny could be that phone call from someone that you decide to answer instead of letting it go to voice mail.

Destiny could be that word you write to someone on a birthday card.

Destiny could be just paying attention, listening to that speaker while others are restless in the crowd.

And later that speaker comes up to you and says how much they appreciated your attentiveness as it gave them courage to continue at that moment. This does happen as it happened to me.

You make a difference just paying attention.

You make a difference just letting someone know they are seen.

You make a difference with a kind gesture.

All of this shows love.

Know that my friend.

You are living your destiny.


And making a difference.

Making a difference just because you are you.



You can hear about this pastor’s story at Focus on The Family, The Transforming Power of Grace





14 thoughts on “Destiny is NOW

  1. Lynn, this is wonderful. So often we are looking for the big events, accomplishments, and milestones. I was just thinking about some things yesterday, and fighting negative thoughts and discouragement in relation to looking for that “big stuff”. Thanks for this timely encouragement and insight!

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  2. You make a great point. Destiny can be the little things that people see that mean so very much because they can so easily go unnoticed. I feel so loved at these times and I like to make others feel loved in the same way!

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  3. Lynn … thanks for this needed redefinition of destiny and all it encompasses. It’s not some pie-in-the-sky someday event, but the way we live, moment by moment.

    And yes, by His grace, this we can do.

    Just a super encouragement here today, friend …

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    1. Agreed! I know I have gotten stuck on feeling like my small actions don’t matter. I’m not Rosa Parks! But….I am Lynn and you are Loralu–each unique and fearfully and wonderfully made.


  4. Hi Lynn! Do you have two blog sites? Or is this your new one?
    I really like your down to earth take on ‘destiny’. Just like the word ‘purpose’ we can get all confused and intimidated by what it all can mean. God is the present. Right here, right now. If that’s good enough for Him, it sure is good enough for me. We live in the present, and that is our destiny. We can make a difference right where we are.
    Thank you!


    1. “If it is good enough for Him, it sure is good enough for me.” So true. What could be any better?

      I do have two sites. This is my new site and eventually I will be moving completely here (from blogger). My other place demonstrates my personal faith journey, has a different focus and I know a time is coming to let it go completely. The writings there, comments and friends I made, have a special place in my heart. And my hope is the words there encourage others, especially new believers, to not give up….


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  5. What a beautiful story. All too often I forget that it’s the daily, little things that I do because Jesus loves me that make a difference (and that I don’t need to know whether or not they make a difference).


  6. Jesus said if we give someone a cup of water in His name, we’ve given it to Him. I think about the man in church, who brought me a bottle of water when I started coughing uncontrollably, about the young person who took my empty plate and tossed it in the trash for me, about the neighbor who brought my garbage containers back to my porch. Those were small things, but they meant a lot to me.

    People deal with so much stress these days. Anything that makes them smile or brings an unexpected blessing will ease their burden.

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