Reversal Changes


The other day I was witness to a story of young lady whose life has been transformed in the past two months since she came back to Christ. There’s a lightness, a spirit of giddiness even, emanating from her every posture.

And it took me back 5 years ago to when I submerged myself in baptism, feeling light, free, and full of an endless horizon of hope.

Then months later the first crisis hit and enveloped me in a season of confusion and darkness.

I think of the many circumstances the Jewish people endured, often exiled into lands unknown, facing terrors I cannot even fathom.

When Persian King Xerxes reigned over 127 provinces from the citadel of Susa, a decree was issued to slaughter all the Jewish people living within the borders of the Persian Empire. (473 B.C) Also the decree, obtained and executed by the Kings prime minister, Haman, included confiscation of the Jews property.

All the Jewish people to die. Not even the women and children excluded.

And all property to be taken.

Dead and left with nothing.

Can you imagine the terror?

In every province to which the edict and order of the king came, there was great mourning among the Jews, with fasting, weeping, and wailing. Many lay in sackcloth and ashes. Esther 4:3

We see daily now in our newspapers, our social media feeds, and televised current events of people, women and children included, persecuted, slaughtered, killed for their faith. And images of survivors fleeing in terror.

And we may wonder, ‘Is there hope in this? Can it be changed?’ 

In our daily lives, although we may not be under the constant terror of an attack from extremists, we may be one living in our own internal misery. In a darkness that we are not sure is going to end.

We may be weeping over the loss of loved one.

We may be wailing over the loneliness after another broken relationship.

We may be fasting, searching desperately for a solution to a situation that seems hopeless.

It feels like more than I can handle
It seems so hard to be hopeful
And all I ask is for a different path
Every way I know is a struggle

                                                                                                                        Jason Castro-Rise to You

We may be crying out to God for a different path as our circumstances seem like they are not going to change.

Receiving that decree from their King in a land that they were exiled to, I wonder how hopeless the Jewish people may have felt. How, they may have wondered, at such a time as this, could they change their path?

And I wonder; did they question if they would ever feel again a spirit of lightness , of happiness and joy, gladness and honor?

Unknown to them though, behind the wall of the King’s court, their beautiful and young queen Esther, was risking her own life to save theirs.

Unknown to them a change, a reversal of the decree was beginning to transpire.

Queen Esther held two banquets for her husband Xerxes, and her adversary, Haman. At the second banquet, she pleaded for her people and exposed Haman of his evil-doings causing a cessation of events that changed the decree.

But the decree could not be canceled due to the law.  However another decree was issued granting the Jews the right to protect and defend themselves.

Can you imagine the relief?

For the Jews it was a time of happiness and joy, gladness and honor. Esther 8:16

The path they were on had not changed but now there was hope.

And their weeping and wailing, and fasting reversed into happiness and joy, gladness and honor. 

Their time of darkness turned into lightness, and their spirits reversed into happiness.

Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You. Psalm 139:12

Dear sister or brother, if you are enduring a time of darkness, know that our God is also a God of reversals. Although our path may not change, our circumstances continuing to still bring us hard days ahead, there is light in the darkness.

And did you know that the Hebrew word ‘lightness’ also mean ‘happiness?’

So when that reversal happens, allow yourself to feel that bliss of happiness. Bask in your joyful spirit, praising the One who is always working behind the scenes for you.

God is not only glorified through our suffering but also through our celebrating!  Tweet if you like!

Would you like prayer for a reversal you would like to see in your circumstances? Or is there a reversal that occurred in your life that we can celebrate with a Hallelujah?

Love you,


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24 thoughts on “Reversal Changes

  1. Lynn, these words: “unknown to them” spoke loud and clear to me because they reveal how much of God’s work is hidden, concealed until He decides time is ripe to reveal it. In this season of Spring we see visible results from what lay in darkness, seemingly lifeless, out of sight until days lengthened and sun warmed enough to produce vibrant flowers pushing through soil of earth.
    This is our hope and encouragement on days when prayer seems to go unanswered or circumstances fail to alter. God never sleeps. He keeps vigil over everything. And He always has our best interests at heart because He knows just when we are ready for the new and next thing, so we can rest in the promises in God’s word coming true in our lives. I enjoyed reading your inspiring words. Thank you! God bless you. 🙂

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    1. Your welcome, Valerie! Yes, Esther’s story shows us the ‘behind the scenes’ part, and encourages us to trust and be faithful in our own lives. I’ve been blessed to study Esther with a group of ladies these past 8 weeks. And there is still so much to process! Always a blessing to see your comments!


  2. This is so encouraging, Lynn. It struck me how the Jewish people were terrified and yet “unknown to them” God was still working out deliverance for them. It makes me think how sometimes we can be in fear, darkness, or hopelessness, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t watching out for us. He is still working behind the scenes and will deliver in His time and way. Thank you. Blessings and hugs to you!

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    1. I love to hear testimonies of how God is working behind the scenes. I think sometimes, like in Esther, He wants us learn of the full story, building us up in faith and trust. Always a blessing to see your comments here Trudy!


  3. Hi Lynn! Reliving the story of the Jews and Esther really puts these tough times in perspective. Somehow, Gods children have always been repressed and treated horridly in history, and now. I am thinking of the Christians in Pakistan who were killed, and so many children…all for being followers of Christ.
    Hope is everything. Hope allows us to keep living without fear. May we all have the hope that God again will bring His spirit in a powerful way to all His children. And may we all come to peace with each other, a peace that rises to understanding.
    Easter blessings,


  4. Yes, I can just imagine the relief! Never considered it along these lines, so I appreciate you sharing this. Good things to ponder. Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. There are so many reversals I can praise God for and many I have yet seen manifested but knowing that He is a God with a plan for my life to unveil His sovereignty, I wait for more. These scriptures unfold an extraordinary message to me on so many accounts: you reap what you sow, Haman. Esther did her part in obedience and followed through with courage in her God. I never tire of hearing it! Amazing.

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  6. My pastor’s teaching on defeating fear and standing on the promises of God. As I mull over scripture, I see how fear has ruled many of my actions instead of faith. Jesus asked the disciples after He calmed the storm why they’d feared. Instead of looking at my circumstances, I’m determined to keep my eyes focused on the promises of God. Fear is a bully, and the only way to defeat a bully is to stand up to it and use the armor God has given us.


  7. I have little hope in the world system for things getting better, in fact I think they will get worst but the getting worst will usher in the Kingdom of God to it ‘s fullest.


  8. OH what an encouraging message here, Lynn. Thank you for transporting me back to that time and reminding me of the hope we can hold onto in our times of adversity! I love especially, knowing that in our darkest hour, God can be reversing the plan- bringing LIGHT. I will cling to that truth, always.


  9. Lynn, thank you for the reminder that, even in the dark days, the days of hard, there is hope. there is Light. Jesus walks with us. He will bring a reversal in His timing.

    And this: “Although our path may not change, our circumstances continuing to still bring us hard days ahead, there is light in the darkness.” This spoke to me. Sometimes, our circumstances don’t change. But we have hope on the journey anyway because His light is with us.

    Beautiful post.

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  10. Life reversals are unexpected blessings from God. As I reflect on challenges I have experienced, I am also able to see the resulting blessing that came as either my attitude and faith changed or the situation was totally reversed. The story of Esther was a perfect example in this lesson of reversal as we see how much difference can happen in a day. God is always good even o the days we don’t see or understand it. Beautiful words, Lynn! Thank you for sharing them!

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