No words, just prayer

Photo courtesy of Edmonton Journal, May 5, 2016

Wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Entire city evacuated. Thousands upon thousands displaced. Many are now in my home town of Edmonton, just five hours south of this city in flames.

Homes and businesses destroyed.

And the fire keeps raging.

I don’t have any words today.

Just pray.


12 thoughts on “No words, just prayer

  1. Oh Lynn…I didn’t have any idea. Thank you for these words that help us all to pray for our brothers and sisters affected by this fire. May God bless all involved, and bring then some peace through the care of others.

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  2. Lynn, this has been a heartbreak to watch on the news and see the surreal landscape exploding in flames. This area in Alberta is so beautiful and it is heartbreaking to watch so much destruction. Yes, praying!

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