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“Cheer-io then,” he says, rising up his six-foot something lean frame from the rock he had perched himself on. The Rocky Mountains in the distance and a crisp lake just steps ahead had been our resting point for a few minutes of chatter. A short conversation with a traveler that forever is etched in my mind.

I watched him walk back to his rental van and to three of his fellow mates from England. They were celebrating his brother ‘n laws 40th birthday and it was for all of them, their first trip to Canada. He turned and waved before hopping into the opened side door of the van.

My hands already occupied with my camera equipment, I grinned and called back, “Cheers to you too! Enjoy the rest of your time in Canada!”

Tucked in my camera bag was his business card. Email me sometime, he said. “I’d like to know how things turn out.”

I was on one of those escape vacations to ‘figure stuff out.’ There was a transition coming, a crossroads, and I wasn’t sure what direction to take. So with my camera, a back pack stuffed with hiking clothes, and a journal, my red jeep and I took off south to the Rocky Mountains.

A change of scenery, I reasoned, would give me clarity, the answers.

Who knew it would be a short conversation with a traveler from across the world that would clear the way.

And with just a word of greeting.

I’d been so serious, sitting there on the rocks, staring into the mountain lake when I heard his English cheery greeting to me. And I couldn’t help but smile, hearing that accent. Liverpool or London, I had asked him. Liverpool region, he said, and then he wondered out loud how I would know of the different dialects, which led into a conversation of a time I spent in Whithorse, YT working for an English dentist, which led to what he did for a living (police officer) and where he was traveling in Canada, (had just been to Vancouver) and then why I was hanging out alone at a mountain lake.

I walked back to my jeep, my camera around my neck and back pack light on my shoulder. Maybe life isn’t about figuring it all out? Maybe it is about not taking it all so seriously, taking in the moments, and letting in the cheer? And trusting my Guides got it all figured out already.


I’ve linked up today with Kate Motaung’s five minute Friday where we write on a one word prompt for five minutes. Hope you give yourself some cheer today and check out other cheery writings!


19 thoughts on ““Cheer-iO”

  1. Love all your takes on “cheer”! Yep… Slowly learning that life isn’t about figuring it all out. Though wouldn’t it be so nice and easy if it was?! πŸ˜‰ (Visiting from FMF)

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  2. Love this, Lynn! You are so right! I love when the Lord allows for a unique intersection in our lives that leaves an indelible memory for us. Your words also stir up a longing for the Rocky Mts. of the U.S. and Canada that we love so much! Thanks for the pause that refreshed right here, right now!


  3. You’ve got me thinking here. I like things neatly packaged, all panned out…I’m a bit of a control nut. But God keeps showing me how this kills joy. It’s in the letting go and trusting that His joy is found, isn’t it? Oh boy…I have a long way to go, that’s for sure…Thanks for your encouragement here.

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  4. Yes, we do get too introspective at times. I find that my attempts to “figure it all out” are often a masquerade for fear, worry, and anxiety. It’s interesting this journey. I’m learning to ask Him about my decisions and then keep alert for the answers. This is a good reminder since I’m tussling with a problem right now. Like you, they can come from a single word from a stranger or from a source I’m not expecting.

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  5. I just love this Lynn. “LIghten Up”- right? Sometimes that is exactly what we need to do! I need this reminder often… true joy can be found in truly basking in some good ol’ fashion goodness.

    And trust. Ultimate trust in God’s plan for our lives. Our Guide’s got it. πŸ™‚

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  6. Cheers. We do take life too seriously or at least this girl does. Wow you are a brave soul to venture out like that.


  7. Lynn, this is wonderful..I love first of all that you took time out for YOU!! We need to do that first to get perspective. Then of course God puts angels in our path like your Cheerio friend, don’t you just love those light hearted Brits! I need to both lighten up and take an escape soon!! Thanks for the reminder and wonderful writing!!!

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  8. I SO needed this word today, Lynn. I too often try to figure everything out, putting all my feelings and circumstances into neat little cubby holes, so I can label them. But it rarely works. I need to relax and enjoy my life more. I appreciate your reminder!

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  9. Excellent advice, Lynn. I’m guilty of taking myself too seriously, so appreciate this reminder. Feeling as though I’m nearly at a crossroad as well. Excited yet sober about it too. Focusing on how His plans for us are always timely and fit just right. Glad you shared this. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

    So you’re a Jeep girl too? We currently have a Grand Cherokee, our son has one too, daughter has a Cherokee Sport, and our other son used to have one. Have a great week!

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    1. Unfortunately since then my Jeep got in an accident when a gal turned left in front of me. And then not repairable
      . But I was almost ready to let it go as the miles were high anyways. Yes, seeing how His plans fit just right is part of life’s adventure isn’t it? Have a great week too.

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