Dusty disturbance

As I write, I have a radio station streaming in the background. It’s not my usual way. I prefer the quiet, not distracted by lyrics, commercials, or kind d-jays with weather and traffic reports, while creating stories on my screen. But today I feel a need of a distraction from the more annoying sound of a loud, whirring fan that voices from my laptop.

After fiddling with controls to try to silence it, and after a few restarts hoping it would just go away, I have given up and relented to creating a distraction from the irritation.

Yet, instead of a distraction I now have more interruption AND a hissing, irritating fan. I’ve added more to disturb rather than less to create in me peace.

And I wonder how often do I add diversion creating more disturbance rather than order and calm? When those unwanted feelings begin their buzzing within me, instead of sitting with them, letting God transform, I’ll try taking control adding the noise of work, entertainment, and mundane conversation.

The voices of the radio is not changing my humming fan one bit.

To lose that noise, I will need to get inside and blow the dust out.

Philippians 1:6–And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Today’s post is part of Kate Motaung’s 5 minute Friday Party where bloggers write for five minutes with a one word prompt. Today’s prompt is ‘lose.’

14 thoughts on “Dusty disturbance

  1. Distractions and interruptions …that’s when I start to go down my rabbit hole. At least that’s how I describe it. I love your description. I followed you on our Five Minute Friday link up today. I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit your blog.


  2. It is easy to turn to distractions to drown out our problems or difficult feelings rather than facing up to them and letting God deal with them. I enjoyed your post. Visiting from FMF (#38)

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  3. Excellent analogy! I also prefer silence when writing, but live on a busy state road. Most of the time, I can block it out, but it’s a bit difficult when fire engines are screaming past the house.

    Life is often like those fire engines. It tries to drown out that still, small voice. If I hone in on what He’s speaking to my heart, the cares of this world become background noise.

    Thank you for a thoughtful post.


  4. Oh how I can empathize with this struggle: “I’ll try taking control adding the noise of work, entertainment, and mundane conversation.” Love the analogy of going inside to blow out the dust. It’s hard taking that step inside, isn’t it? But SO worth it. Thankful our God stoops down to us to remind us and encourage us…also through you here.


  5. Whenever I have unwanted background noise, like the fan you mention, or the noise of traffic outside, or someone talking loudly in the background, I point the remote control at them and press the mute button. It doesn’t work; but it gives me control.

    God bless.

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  6. That is so good, Lynn. It’s amazing how we distract from ourselves and add to the busy and the voices- and often for me, it comes at me without my permission and I’m swept in them with my anxiety trying to bat at them as they swarm. I can be in that distracted stressful place for days swatting at all the interference of my life- trying to get to that quiet place. It’s so hard for me to find the still solace in that noise.

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  7. It sounds like as you were losing the peace in your quiet, writing time, you added more confusion and chaos to the mix. I am just clarifying because I have been known to do this myself. We work hard to mask one struggle with another that we end up creating a bigger challenge. God is our peace and during those chaotic times, we need to turn to Him. Thank you for your beautiful words.


  8. Lynn I have those kind of days sometimes. Today I finally was able to go sit on the patio and do by Bile study and enjoy the birds and wind chimes until that Texas sun blared thru.

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  9. I love this, and always amazed what great insights and writing come from 5 minute posts! I hope to jump on board with the group sometime, but I’m intimidated by the ‘no editing’! This is a great question to ponder “I wonder how often do I add diversion creating more disturbance rather than order and calm?”. ..I so enjoy seeing you on Facebook now..thanks for being my friend, and I’m so blessed to read your beautiful writings and share our blogs..what a gift. I just love your pink streak! I hope to visit during this summer break, and see you on the blog tour when you can stop by Holy Vacation Queen..Blessings Lynn! You’re such a light!

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    1. Thank you Kathy! I have been quiet in the social media platforms this last month, reflecting on the on-coming new season and the next direction. Your words are encouraging to me and feel blessed too, to have connected with you!


  10. Love the analogy of getting inside and blowing the dust off . Exactly what we need to do when our minds are too cluttered instead of bringing more clutter into the issue. You made great use of your five minutes and made a point with me that will stick in my mind.

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