Until next week

I’ve been feeling a little bluesy lately, so decided to combat it with my song for the year, Overcomer by Mandisa, and by trying out the movie function on my new camera! Below is it, completely unedited and the first take!

I’m learning that it is when we show ourselves in our truest states, raw, unedited and broken, that our light shines brightest. Why do we hide so much in self-preservation believing we are safe within our walls of control? That is the subject I’ll be tackling every week in December.

But for today, I just leave you with a bit of the ‘out of comfort’ zone, raw me!


And the REAL MANDISA below!

See you next week!




31 thoughts on “Until next week

  1. Lynn,
    This is so cute — I just love it! I get inspired by that song by Mandisa, too, but you delivered it with such spirit and beauty, it is gorgeous! Somehow music focusing on God drives the blues away, doesn’t it? xoxo But what kind of camera did you end up getting? I know you were trying to decide . . .

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    1. Thanks Valerie! Yes, music and movement sure can help change a blue state to a fun state! Being a deep thinker, sometimes things can get so heavy, that only jumping around can seem to shake me into a lighter frame of mind. And I think most of us writers can relate to that, yes? I have a Canon 5D now, and still figuring it out as my pictures almost seem to look worse with all the detail it gets, and the light that comes in! But determined to keep on learning it as I know what it can achieve, once I learn how to navigate all the settings.


  2. You are brave and inspiring! Appreciate your willingness to share and be real. Singing praise and worship songs helps draw me out of the blues, or at the very least, helps keep my head above water till I sort things out. Planning on doing some singing today. The greater One lives in us! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I hope you sing today Karen! And pray you are floating with the tide peacefully as things sort themselves out! Next month it will be all about becoming more real on this journey, but know joy is always a choice even in the darker parts of growing.


  3. Adorable you are so absolutely adorable! Nothing is going right for me this week..down with a horrible flu not going away, broken car, I share in the blues..but inspired by your darling video!!! I hope it shakes away the blues and opens the way for joy!!!


    1. Oh, so sorry you are going through all of that Kathy! Being physically ill sure makes it hard to dance and shake away the blues. May you rest and heal, and also see joy opening up maybe even just through the little things like your favorite song on the radio!


    1. Oh, yes me too Crystal. I did dance with the kids when they were kids but now that they are adults, much less likely too! But maybe it’s time to change that? May your spirits have many lifted moments this week!


  4. Oh, thank you so much, Lynn! I had tears and goosebumps. I am so inspired by your brave spirit and beautiful encouragement. I was feeling downhearted as I overdid it and am sick again. I used to dance and sing to fight those blues, but this lung disease makes me short of breath and gets me to coughing more if I try to, so watching you and placing my heart into your full-of-heart, meaningful moves has really breathed hope into my heart. The way you pointed to us as you sang, “You’re an overcomer!” really touched my spirit with courage. I just can’t tell you enough what this video means to me. Blessings and hugs to you, my friend! Remember! We are overcomers!


    1. Aww….thank you Trudy. Knowing it lifts your spirits makes my heart warm! I am sorry you’ve been sick again. May you know your heart still dance though, even if your body cannot and I’m sure your spirit is also dancing through your eyes. You are an Overcomer, as our bodies really just are temporary, flesh and bone, yet our spirit is always endless. Hugs!

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    1. I’m glad Susan, the Mandisa song message is something that you needed this week. It is timeless, but so often we can forget when we’re feeling bluesy, like I was. Have a beautiful day!


    1. Me too Lynda. I am embracing the knowledge that we write to figure out life, and transform. Self-preservation I have noticed is something I struggle with–wanting so much to love fully yet how can I if I have walls of control up? Should be an interesting month as I work this through my writing!


  5. Hey Lynn! You are a gutsy girl! Love your dance and singing, and I’m sure Mandisa would approve. Maybe you have a future as one of her backup singers?
    (Are you wearing the same outfit as your blog photo?)
    You make me want to lift my head and sing too. I remember Mandisa from Idol, but I don’t have any of her music. Time to get some!


    1. Hi Ceil. It definitely challenged my comfort zone! It does look like the same outfit. I noticed that too! Navy top and jeans but they are different clothing items. I can’t carry a tune unfortunately as I love music. I hope you do check out Mandisa’s music. I just hope she comes to Canada one day! Blessing back to you!

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  6. Lynn, I loved this. I didn’t even know I needed this reminder today, but I got a little teary watching you in this video. I LOVE that song, and seeing your smile and victory dance moved me. I’m so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone to share this!


  7. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!! I just LOVE your light and your beauty that SHINES SO BRIGHT in that video!! Ah… you just lifted me UP, girl! You are SUCH a precious soul, and I’m SO grateful for you being YOU!! What a great way to combat the blues… You have officially done that for me today. THANK YOU! โค


  8. Thank you for this reminder to battle in song and dance. And for daring to be vulnerable to encourage us: so soul-beautiful. I know I needed that reminder this morning and as I head into the quiet. Hugs from afar.

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