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terriheadshotupdated15Today, (as I explore the island of Maui) I have a guest post from author Terri Tiffany. I met Terri 6 years ago (time sure goes fast) when I was blogging at my other place, Connecting Stories. I’ve always been inspired by Terri’s writing and her tenacity! She’s also an excellent photographer and she picked up guitar around the same time that I purchased my first one! I’d say we were meant to connect. Her first novel, The Mulligan, was lovely and I’m looking forward to reading her latest release, The Bend. Enjoy, my friends. 

Ever receive a challenge in the middle of the night?

Two years ago, I opened a fresh document and typed one sentence: “She was perfect.

My tenth novel. Would this be the one I’d free myself to let go and write the story I wanted to write? Until that time, my novels always carried a hint of people and situations I knew first-hand. I had never pushed myself to write a story from pure imagination.

The Bend became that challenge.

But first I needed a main character with a trait most people don’t have. Since my hobby is photography, I gave Kate Snow that occupation. With a twist. She could see details in her photographs other people couldn’t. Then I needed a place where her gift, curse or blessing, might transform her and those around her. The town of Bend became reality. I also wanted the town to come alive as much as my characters. That’s why I called it The Bend instead of Bend. It’s a place most of us wouldn’t want to spend a night.

It wasn’t easy for me to create a story purely from my imagination but once I introduced Seth, the reporter, the story took off  because I knew my pair of main characters would play off each other perfectly. He was intent on persuing strong goals of his own and reminded me of that person who wants to get ahead in life—no matter the cost to others—but with one endearing trait—he soon cared about Kate.

Finally, I needed one more twist—a character who would threaten every normal facet Kate and Seth believed about life.

Meet The Trainer

Again I needed to dig deep inside myself to unbury this character. I write clean suspense. The challenge to make The Trainer believable without all the gore hit me every day as I opened my computer. With amazing help from my critique partners, beta readers, and editor, he took shape.

What did I learn from writing this novel? Never be afraid of the stories in my head and to feel free to challenge myself to write without worrying that someone will quiet that voice that wakes me in the night.

And most of all, my desire is God will do with the story as He wishes

It’s that final part that keeps me writing. Already, I have seen Him use The Bend  in a positive way and it isn’t published yet.

My challenge for you: Are you writing what God puts in your heart or are you following the crowd? Are you writing what is popular or the story that wakes you at night?

I might never write another book like The Bend but I’m happy I did. This story gave back to me the thrill I experienced when I wrote my first story in fifth grade. Bringing The Bend to life through publication gives me hope that others might get excited to write their middle-of-the night story too.

Terri Tiffany61du0lmds1l-_sy346_
Author of The Bend

The Bend releases on February 17, however you can

Pre-order at The Bend on Amazon

Connect with Terri on Facebook

Terri’s Website

19 thoughts on “Meet Terri

  1. Oooh, Thank you for having Terri on your blog, Lynn! What a wonderful peek into the mind of a fictional author and I appreciate Terri sharing how she chose and developed the characters and the story line. It all sounds intriguing and exciting! I’ve always admired writers who have such a strong imagination and who can write such intricate details to their stories and descriptions of their characters. It’s such a gift!

    And thank you Terri, for you powerful message here:

    “My challenge for you: Are you writing what God puts in your heart or are you following the crowd? Are you writing what is popular or the story that wakes you at night?”

    Lynn, I hope you are having an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! I can’t wait to read all about it- as I’m sure you will detail it all beautifully when you return. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Chris! Following Terri’s writing journey has been inspiring and appreciate seeing your journey too! Community helps us write what God has planted too, instead of following the crowd, as Terri points out. Great to be part of your community too.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Chris. The Bend was a fun story to write and that’s how writing should be. 🙂


  2. Hi Teri and Lynn! I really loved this post because it just shows the joy involved in following your heart. I hope you do write another story like this one, it has obviously given you so much. I hope this book inspires so many others, as it has for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As a storyteller-documentary filmmaker, I always love to hear how author’s craft a story..loved your very clear description of your book! Bend is beautiful, I lived in Ashland for a while–two beautiful Oregon towns. I will be eager to read your work! In the meantime, I’m imaging dear Lynn blending into the beautiful Maui landscape and enjoying some refreshing sunshine, air, and time off! Blessings!! I enjoyed this today!


  4. Hi Terri and Lynn! This sounds like a great book, Terri. I love that you challenge us to write what God puts in our hearts, not what is popular or to be a part of the crowd. Thank you. Lynn, I hope you’re having fun and lots of soul rest moments as you explore! 🙂 Blessings to you both!


  5. When we listen to God, amazing things happen. Congratulations on The Bend. Ironically, I’m originally from Oregon, and we have a town called Bend. While it is in the Cascades, it’s not a place a traveler would want to spend a lot of time either.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Terri, I so enjoyed reading about your middle-of-the-night story adventure. I find that, when I am in that place between awake and dreaming, I often have some sort of inspiration like that. Of course, I get up and write it down, because it’ll be gone come morning if I don’t. Thanks so much for sharing about The Bend. It sounds like an amazing, authentic book!

    Lynn, thanks for sharing Terri here! I hope your time in Maui was amazing (I’m sure it was!). That’s one of the Hawaiian Islands I haven’t visited yet. 🙂

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