So many miracles


“It defies the world’s logic,” he said. “It’s something only God could reconcile.”

I nodded in agreement, thoughts swirling through my mind, however I couldn’t format any words into a coherent sentence.

So all that came out of my rounded mouth was “Wow.”  I twirled my tea cup, peppermint aroma gracing my senses. The sun from the cafe window warmed my hands, and imprinted tiny white stars in the blue eyes of my companion.

Sometimes there are just no words to describe what seemed impossible becoming possible. Sometimes, as in this case with my friend, there are just no words to describe a reaction from a story shared of a relationship that seemed irreconcilable becoming reconciled. Or that miraculous open door to a new beginning.

Sometimes there are just no words to describe God’s miracles.

There was a time God seemed very silent in my life and I began to pray for a miracle. Just a little something to show me you are working here among us, I would plea. Shortly after I heard a speaker on a radio program describe how she saw miracles everyday.

What? Every day?

I tuned in deeper.

Yes, every day, the speaker claimed. Sometimes it’s the miracle of that flower blooming, or that man holding the door open for a mom with a stroller, she elaborated.

Aw. It’s in the everyday, these miracles.

So to my daily journaling of gratitude and successes, I added to my end of the day questions, “What miracles did you see today?”

And the list began, words to describe God’s miracles.

The flame of my candle. The call from that friend I was just thinking about. The green bud  on that branch I thought was dead. The car starting even though the interior light was on all night. Lost keys found. The inconvenience of having to go to another place to retrieve the item I need and find it a few dollars less at the other grocery store. Making that wrong turn, and while turning around in a parking lot I run into an old friend that needed some encouragement. That perfect scripture verse of encouragement showing up on my Facebook page. Meeting that family from Jacksonville who gave me information leading me to add Savannah, Georgia (a place I have longed to visit) to my  travels in Florida next month…

So many miracles!

Aw. But why would I doubt?

For with God, anything is possible.

When the disciples heard this they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:25:26

My companion’s eyes continued to sparkle as the silent seconds passed between us. His lips curled up in a slow smile. “I know,” he says. “Sometimes God is just too amazing for words.”

What miracles did you see today, my friend?

I can’t leave you today without sharing a captured moment of a Maui sunset. May you take a breath in, imagine the sea air, and know you are also a miracle creation of the perfect One who created all.

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15 thoughts on “So many miracles

  1. Hi Lynn! I think unless someone helps to point us to the truth about everyday miracles, we just see them as coincidences or random karma. What a shame that is! God is in absolutely everything, and you know that because you couldn’t help but post that sunset photo. God is there too.
    You have a very faithfilled friend, and those are hard to find sometime. I hope the two of you continue to show each other how wonder-filled our world and our lives truly are.


    1. Thank you Ceil. It is so true that God is in everything. God does speak to me through my friends, and godly relationships are a wonder-filled blessing, aren’t they? Blessings to you too today! I hope you enjoyed the breathing moment of the sunset!

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  2. Yes, those everyday miracles. I love that you are being intentional about looking for them. It’s in gratitude that we find His presence and His miracles, isn’t it, Lynn? That sunset picture is gorgeous! And so is the top one. Okay, all your pictures are beautiful. 🙂

    It is true each one of us is a miracle. Isn’t our God amazing?


    1. Yes He is, Jeanne! Thanks for your encouraging words and visit here. And, yes, being intentional has helped keep my mind, heart, and soul engaged in all His goodness. May you be present for many miracles this week, and always remembering you are a miracle too!


  3. When we really open our hearts to those everyday miracles, we see them everywhere, don’t we? Even the miracle of every breath we are given. I love the Maui sunset and your hope-filled words – “May you take a breath in, imagine the sea air, and know you are also a miracle creation of the perfect One who created all.” Thank you so much for your encouragement, Lynn. Love and hugs!

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  4. Oh that sunset! Be STILL my heart! Now that is a miracle in itself! Oh, how I adore God’s paintings on this earth!

    I love this Lynn. I often think of all the miracles I don’t see- I can’t know. I wonder how many times God has protected me or shifted my path in miraculous ways. I wonder if we will learn of such miracles when we are in Heaven. I contemplate often, those times I am frustrated that things didn’t go my way- just what God might have been doing to bless me- and I cringe at the thought of me complaining about something of which God did for me- to care for me, as I wasn’t aware. I want to trust more, and claim it all in His favor… That is my ongoing goal, because really we don’t know much at all. It’s the wonder in all that He is and all that He does that can bring me to tears…

    Thank you for this reminder, my friend.


  5. What a gorgeous sunset and beautiful words to transport us to the wonder of our great God~ What perfect examples of everyday miracles you’ve experienced..they make me realize how I trip over some of my own when I need to praise each one like golden stones on my path. God breathes miracles all around us and you make my heart sing praising this truth and these gifts! So many, many miracles He brings, and has given to me. How blessed I feel thinking abou them all! Thank you for these gorgeous words today!


    1. Golden stones on our path…what beautiful imagery to describe the miracles on our paths! May your heart be singing praises today, bringing you peace and joy in each step you take today.


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