A schedule defined

(Today’s post, I’m linking up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday. Each week a word prompt is given and you have 5 minutes to write a post, no editing, no over-thinking, just free writing. This week’s prompt is Define).


I’m off schedule this week. My Polestar Day Timer with it’s columns of work, appointments, and personal, is not really exceptionally filled-in, yet many of the penciled descriptions of items to be completed, are left unchecked.

If one was to look at my schedule, one might define it as “open” or “balanced” or maybe even “incomplete.”

Then why, only a few days ago, did I feel this heaviness in my chest as if pressured by a hand pushing, a hand much larger than mine that I couldn’t push away?

It hurt to breathe.

Even though my schedule looked open on paper, deadlines loomed over me like a cloud about to burst on my picnic. Assignments due, work appointments, inventory to make for an upcoming art show, content to be given to my designer for two new projects, family commitments, dishwasher to unload, income taxes….

And even though I dislike the definition as much prefer “full”, the word “busy” kept flashing in my mind like an irritating advertisement.

I’ve heard busy defined as “Being Under Satan’s Yoke.” And I didn’t want to be under THAT yoke.

But then one of the first verses I ever learned replaced that irritating advertisement.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:29



His word defining my fullness, I begin to breathe easier.

Yes, I can define my schedule as full, and always find rest for my soul with the One who is gentle and humble in heart.


8 thoughts on “A schedule defined

  1. I also love Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest..” Oh, how I struggle with rest. I find it so hard to rest with work undone, and the work never seems to be completely done. So, it so hard to rest. Thank you so much for this reminder that I need rest and I need to trust God to help me accomplish the things that He desires I accomplish each day.

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  2. It was good to be reminded of this verse today, Lynn. Though I don’t have tight schedules like you do, I do sometimes get a very busy mind that tells me I should have done this or that or that I’m selfish and don’t do enough for others and on and on… It was especially bad today. Satan’s whispers, right? So thank you for reminding me today to just rest in Jesus. His burden is light, not heavy and weighing us down! Love and hugs to you!

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  3. Hi Lynn! Peace be with you too, a peace that defies understanding.
    I know all about busy, but I’d never heard it described as ‘Being Under Satan’s Yoke’. That’s something to definitely ponder. Sometimes we are busier than others, but is there time for rest? We all need that for sure. How beautiful that you were led to that insight, and then peace in your soul.
    God is so good.

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  4. My life has been full most of the time and usually I have enjoyed that fullness and felt like it was from the Lord. I also know that feeling of being under, under satan yoke, or it was me pushing just a little too hard to do this or that. Being a Martha has had its up and downs. I had heart bypass surgery about three months ago and have had to come apart from everything. When I first started having an issue I thought it was anxiety because thats what I got when the stress level got too high. It was quite a surprise to learn of the blockage in my heart. I think I am ready to get back into a full time mode and tried to push to do that a couple weeks ago. One does not hurry recovery, especially from heart surgery. So I am learning to enjoy a little down time, read more books, watch a little more tv, enjoy my grandchildren, have dates with my husband. I turned 70 while in the hospital so I was not going as fast as I use to anyway. Great post, timely for me.

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  5. I’ve attempted 5 minute Friday but I realize I’m not good at NOT editing! Maybe someday. It would be helpful during “Full” schedules to do 5 minute Friday posts! I’m just in awe of how well written this is with such incredible wisdom in short 5 minute, unedited writing! Bravo. I just love the idea of fullness of schedules rather than busy and anything in light of Christ and living on the vine we will have such fullness no matter how much on our plate.. thanks for this Lynn!


    1. Thank you Kathy! I think I did go a couple of minutes beyond 5 minutes and then put in some commas! My writers group does timed writing and when that alarm goes off it is jarring, and I usually keep typing until the alarm stops! One nice thing about the 5 minute Friday is that you can take time to formulate the idea in your head long before you start writing. I find that super helpful.


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