“I don’t like summer either!”


I nestled up to the counter, my wallet in hand ready to slip out my credit card. My helper’s orange apron with the standard “Home Depot” logo was untied so hung loosely from her neck. She peered into the computer screen in front of her. “Now let’s see. LG is the model, yes. Ah, here it is.” Her unpainted nails touched letters in a spreadsheet. I waited. And okay for the waiting, liking the cool temperature of the box store. “Just be a minute,” she said. “And we’ll get you back out into the sunshine as soon as possible.”

“No problem,” I replied, glancing over at the very large refrigerator just across the aisle from us. “I’m not really a summer gal.”

“Oh, really?” She turned her entire self toward me. “I don’t like summer too! People think I’m crazy here. It’s nice to meet someone else that doesn’t either. I mean,” she continued turning back to the computer screen,”what’s the big deal about going to the lake. People talk how great it is but it’s just a lot work!”

I chuckled. “I get it. It is a lot of work,” I replied, trying to reign in my excitement too, to meet someone in my northern province where wintery days outnumber the hot days two to one at least. “And get this, I finally actually got my lawn kind of nice with fertilizing, watering and all that stuff, and then the ants came marching in! Now I got big yellow patches from trying to kill them. You can’t win in the summer here!”

I noticed our nodding heads were syncing. Ah, to have a comrade in arms who agrees that summer is not a season full of fun in the sun like a beach commercial of happy kids, cottages, lazy dogs, and iced tea in lawn chairs.

It’s a season where the ants can come marching in too, and that is definitely no hoorah.

It’s a season where flowers tenderly planted droop in pots even strategically placed, while the neighbours gardens have House & Home magazine calling to take photos for feature stories titled, “Best Urban Gardens”, or “How to Win the Neighbourhood Garden Prize”.

It’s a season where arms sore from pushing a lawn mower strain to paddle while other kayakers glide by like olympian ice skaters in warm up.

It’s a season where the long summer days mean leisurely dinners on outdoor restaurant patios (if, spotlighted by the summer light, the dusty baseboards, dirty windows, spotty walls, don’t grab attention as that means long hours inside with a rag soaked in vinegar).

No, contrary to when the ants come marching in, summer does not always voice a hooray.

Ah, but…then there’s those days of leaving the house, the neighbours, the city behind, traveling clear roads, and taking that turn not planned.

It’s finding that summer place where flowers bloom perfectly in natural pots of clay.


It’s finding that summer place where cool waters are empty of all except natures play items of rocks and sand.


And the summer place where time is spent leisurely upon banks of rivers where natures dust is spotlighted by the season’s hours of long light.


I must admit, it is most likely my lawn will never be intruder free, or House & Home Magazine calling on me, or my home corners completely dust free.

But maybe it’s time to be present in the season where places of beauty is in a light only summer can bring.

Maybe it’s time to start liking summer after all.

(However, I must admit, I sure wish those ants in my lawn would find a new road to another summer place!)

He makes springs pour water into the ravines;
    it flows between the mountains.
 They give water to all the beasts of the field;
    the wild donkeys quench their thirst.
 The birds of the sky nest by the waters;
    they sing among the branches.
He waters the mountains from his upper chambers;
    the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work. Psalm 104:10-13

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10 thoughts on ““I don’t like summer either!”

  1. I love this, Lynn. It has the beautiful photographs of an area of the world I especially love AND summer is also not my favorite season. When the temps get above 80 and the humidity rises I feel sluggish and unmotivated to do much. I much prefer the cool days of autumn or the cold days of winter where a hot cup of coffee or chocolate with a warm fire beckons me versus sitting on our deck that is often overly warm and fighting off the mosquitoes. Even so, Lord, thank you for the season of summer!!!😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good morning, Lynn! I’m just about to hit publish on a post with kinda similar themes! Well, almost. I love when that happens!


    Your photos are splendid … I do believe I could reach right through this screen to pick those yellow beauties. And grown from the crevice of a rock. Oh, there’s a story to be told …


    1. “And grown from a crevice of a rock.” Yes, there is a story to be told there, isn’t there? I think you may just be on to a theme for some of your writing, Linda! Look forward to reading your post!


  3. Hi Lynn,
    I’m guessing you wouldn’t like living in Florida then if you’re not so fond of summer?! 🙂 But how true is it that each season has its advantages and limitations and learning (or deciding!) to enjoy them for the beauty only they can offer us is an art and an intention, isn’t it? How fun that you found a kindred spirit in Home Depot, though! 🙂 xoxo


    1. Hi Val, Florida and Georgia are my two favourite states, yet for visiting in the winter and spring when it isn’t quite so hot! I love fall and winter clothing too, which I think I’d miss if living in a hot spot. 🙂 And so agree that being content in all seasons is an intentional act! Hope you are having a great summer!


  4. Oh my gosh! Beautiful photos! There are only two seasons over here. I would prefer summer to rainy season where beaches and seas stand out with their own beauty. Every season holds a beautiful story to carry over to the next. Take care!


  5. I like summer but I love fall. I don’t know where you live but if its where those pictures were taken it is beautiful. Our daughter and family live in northern Minnesota and have a short summer with a lot of rain usually. We spend all of June with them and I was chilly most of the time since it was raining a lot. I ask a native of the area how long summer was and she said, July 4th. Thinking she misunderstood me, I repeated myself. I heard right, she once again said July 4th. After living in the cool weather of June and being there for July 4th I had to agree with her. Now that July 4th is over they are gearing up for fall. Love the pictures, the lake is so clear. beautiful

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    1. July 4th is how long summer is? That’s such a great answer! I’m in Alberta, Canada, and those pictures were in Kananaskis area of the Rocky Mountains. It is smokey there currently due to the British Columbia fires, so glad I was there prior to take some of my clear sky pictures. I’m with you when it comes to fall. It is my favourite season too!


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