In-Spir(e)-it (Five minute Friday)

(This post is part of the Five Minute Friday Link Up. One topic is chosen and you have Five Minutes to write. This week’s prompt is Inspire.)


Inspiration. It’s something artists always are searching for, to help make the creations that often start first as a feeling, a nudge. Sometimes it is a vision, yet to receive that vision, an inspiring event may happen that could just be a passing moment of a door closing, a child’s laugh, or a sprouting flower in clay. Regardless, it is something artists long for so they can create, and live more fully.

As I was driving the highways yesterday, listening to an author on writing, he addressed finding inspiration in a way I had not heard before. And he defined it as in-spirit. It is when we are in-spirit that the inspiration flows. In other words, the in-spirit is the One who is already within us. It is the One who is our creator and thus, when we create from that place of in-spirit, we are being our complete and authentic selves. And that is what touches the readers, or the ones who scan our photos, or eat our decorated cakes,  or stroke our knitted blankets. When creating from the in-spirit place we are bringing more Love-His spirit- into the world.

Keep creating my friend. You are making the world a better place!

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15 thoughts on “In-Spir(e)-it (Five minute Friday)

  1. Absolutely! Creative thoughts of inspiration come best when we are attuned to the voice of our Creator. Thank you for the inspiration to continue creating!

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  2. Such truth, Lynn. And for that to happen He creates “Breathing Spaces” 😊- and so often by taking us where we wouldn’t go of our own accord. It’s then we discover the abundant open spaces of His love we never knew we yearned after, to be the person He has created us to be. The “in-spirit” place of listening to our Father speak and bring to life what has lain dormant waiting to be uncovered and birthed. So beautiful reflecting on this. His Love is so deep.

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    1. Hi Anna, So nice to see you here! Yes, He “bring(s) to life what has lain dormant waiting to be uncovered and birthed.” I love those words you have penned. And He is constantly beckoning to rest in those Breathing Spaces He creates. Have a wonderful weekend full of those breathing spaces! As you know, He’s got me passionate about those Breathing Spaces of His! 🙂


  3. I couldn’t agree more, Lynn! One of God’s names is Creator and tapping into the in-spirit as you describe is the way we bring life-giving to those who connect with us! Blessings on your weekend!

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  4. I agree with you. We often get so bombarded by life and not taking the time to listen to that inner-voice that pushes on to sweet places that encourage our souls and inspires us to inspire others! Thanks for these encouraging words! (Stopping by from FMF) Happy Friday to you!

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    1. Hi Rachel. Bombarded is such a great word to describe the reason we do get distracted from all that is in the world that God gives us for inspiration! It’s about being intentional in the moment to listen, and what a peaceful place that is! Hope you had a Happy Friday!


  5. Yes!

    Totally relate.

    I feel like I should write something profound and moving here. Um. Some things in life are best forgotten. How’s that? I read it in an inspirational email this morning. It makes me both happy and sad.

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    1. Hi Sandi…that is so true. Some things in life we are not meant to take into our hearts and minds. Jesus said to think of things only that are pure and noble! So I’d say that is inspirational!


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