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I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday where we are instructed to “Write for five minutes on the word of the week. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write.” This week’s prompt is “Place”.


In the slower days of summer, I am led to thoughts that create new adventures. I sometimes though ponder the thoughts of measuring how well something was doing in the past, and why now it seems to have changed, along with my passion for it. Or, a better description may that my intention is changing.

I ponder about going back to a place where it seemed more productive, more passionate. Don’t get me wrong though! Even with those essential “P” words, the place could be hard work full of sweat and tears too.

This place was in the days when I was awake at 4 am and writing. I was writing my teenage novel at the time, as well as contributing at least 3x per week in a new forum to me–blogging. My first blog was call Connecting Stories, over on the blogger platform. There I met, never physically, but through many words and correspondence via comments mainly, other writers. Most were fiction, as I inspired to be, as well as teachers of writing. I even entered contests and received a honourable mention at one place, won others. As well, it was a time where blog awards were given by other bloggers–fun badges you could post on your blog like  “encouraging blogger”, “sweetest blog,” and “amazing commenter.”  And blog hops were hopping, and popular!

It was a time where no one seemed left out of the party too. If someone visited your place, then you would for sure go to hers/his, and leave a comment, making a new or cultivating a connection. I still have a handful of bloggers from those days that I connect with today and consider friends. So, lately I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic for that other place of mine, Connecting Stories, and considering writing again there with the focus on writing!


Do you write on multiple blogs with different focuses? Do you feel it important to connect by commenting on the blogs of those who left you comments?

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14 thoughts on “A place to re-start the party-FMF

  1. I like to comment and make connections, but I have just the one blog here and it’s mostly a few thoughts here and there. I don’t remember the old days of blogging. I think I missed it all. I am steadfastly ten years behind every trend!

    I like this five minute writing idea. Place? Hmm… that’s a word with a lot of possibilities. I would try to write it with a twist, like place as a verb or maybe find out if it means something in another language.

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  2. I’m laughing. I haven’t found a single slower day this summer. School’s out – no subbing but I’ve been as busy as ever. Now I’m looking forward to Christmas holidays. LOL! That will be busier.

    Yes it’s important to comment on others. I do get behind sometimes with these five grand babies and Bible studies, but it’s important enough many people will see a comment from me I missed in my spam folder or even on my blog if it’s posted a few days later.

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  3. I didn’t expect the strength of connections that could be made through blogging but I am so grateful and I think commenting and the sense of community that creates are really important. FMF is one of my favourite linkups because people make an effort to visit and good connections are formed. It’s also really interesting to see the different ways people go with the prompt word.

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    1. So agree Lesley about the sense of community that comes from blogging! Fairly new to the one word prompt at FMF, but already have experienced the fun of the diversity of all the posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  4. Lynn, there is something special about blogging. When I began a few years ago, I was so nervous, both about having content and if anyone would find my words worthwhile. I’m thankful for the people God has brought into my life through blogging. As in real life, when we are intentional in connecting with others via blogs, relationship happens. Even when I have a super busy week, I try to stop by for visits with the bloggers who visited me.

    Relationship, right?

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    1. Yes, it is all about relationships Jeanne. Time can sure be a factor to cultivate connections, especially when there are so many places to create connections. Always happy to see your comments here, and read you at your place. You’ve blessed me with your writings and pictures!

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  5. I liked this post for its nostalgia and honesty. I have my own blog where I write but I do try to write for others as a guest. Either way, I check in frequently for comments, leave comments and reply to them. To me its part of building that connection we all crave. Maybe next year? Not sure. God knows.

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    1. Aile, you nailed our reason for building connections. It truly is what we ‘crave’ as God wired us to build in community, and we become more than 100% when joining together. And yes, God does know! Have a great weekend!


  6. I love visiting blogs, but it’s become a challenge since I started working full time. When people comment on my blog, I do try to hop over to their place. I also link to many posts. This one will be part of a Friday link post in late October or early November. 🙂

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    1. Blessed that God led you to FMF community, Andrew! I think we give back as well as receive in communities although we don’t always know how we are effecting it in the big picture. It really is about faith and trusting God’s plan, isn’t it? See you at FMF later this week!


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