Making a Difference

Hope Mission Invite 2 (35 of 1)

Lifeless leaves in colours of blood and coffee on a dusty foot path crush beneath my worn hikers. I pull my wool hat lower over my ears with one mittened hand, the other grips my camera. Ahead, I know, is a low lying bridge, over a cheerless pond, just four steps wide and seven steps to the other side. 

I’ve been here before, on this trail in this national park close to my home. Been here too, during the times of chirping frogs and singing sparrows. 

But today, under a silvery sky, the life sounds seem hushed. And this feels right. As my brother of only a few years longer in life than me, was recently stilled and silenced.  His path moved now beyond this world.

You can read the rest at Time with Tandy  where I had the pleasure of being a guest blogger! 

My apologies for not being at your places this week. I had technical security issues I needed to sort out for my online presence. God bless! 


5 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss, Lynn. Your heart must ache so. It had to be God who sent that man who was tall and thin like your brother was. You made a difference in this man’s life, and I hope it also made you think of how you also made a difference in the life of your brother in his short stay on earth. But still, that doesn’t bring him back, and that’s so painful. Sending you BIG HUGS!

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  2. I can feel your sorrow Lynn. Your words remain beautiful and meaningful even in moments of sadness. I pray for God’s peace and love envelope you as go through this transition in your life. The wonderful joy is ahead!

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