And It’s All So Beautiful

Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. Luke 12:27

There’s a greenhouse just a five minute drive from my home. Not a greenhouse in a traditional sense as it is open year around with a restaurant serving organic greens and gluten-free treats, and gifts galleries that change with the calendar celebrations.

Christmas time fills the floor with decorative trees and already overflowing shelves with ornaments, wreaths, and garland.

Approaching Valentine’s Day more red and white candles, silk and real roses rest on bursting shelves of trinkets, jewels, and framed mottos.

Now, drawing near Easter, pops of pastel colours adorn the interior design with baby blue vases, soft pink stuffed bunnies, and sun set orange ribboned baskets.

I walk past all this splendour into another room unseen from the entry. All my senses refeshen in the humidity that seems to steam from the hundreds of cacti plants that rest on shelves against the walls, stand in tall pots in the corners, and more aesthetically arranged on round tables creating a centre aisle.

And I breathe.

I breathe in this place where not a ribbon or jewel or ornament occupies.

I step slowly scanning the various cactus plants, some barely two inches in length, some warped in their roundness, others gangly in their tallness. Some bodies plentiful with spines, others edged with scattered thorns.


And it’s all so beautiful, in it’s rawness, it’s unadorned form.

What is it that draws me to this place where beauty and refreshment comes from the misshapen, the undressed? Where symmetry isn’t and where thorns are exposed?

Maybe it is stirring in me that restlessness for that perfect place of ancestry, in a Garden where all was perfect, nothing hidden until tampered by temptation.

Maybe it is stirring in me to remember, to be, to come exposed, scars, wounds, prickles, and thorns, no adornments that mask.

Because we are all so most beautiful, my darling, in our raw, unadorned form.


You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. Song of Songs 4:7

Come surrender your hidden scars
Leave your weapons where they are
You’ve been hiding, but I know your wounded heart
And you don’t know how beautiful you are

I’m tired of hiding who I really am
Underneath these alibis
I want to know who you really are
I want to meet you here tonight
We’re not born with these defenses
We’re not destined for this pain
We hide ourselves and put the fig leaves on
But a mask can never cover up this shame

                                                                                                             Jon Foreman


18 thoughts on “And It’s All So Beautiful

  1. Hi Lynn, I am coming over from Trudy’s blog. This post is renewing and reminds us that we all can bring the “real me” to the foot of the cross and receive healing for hope for tomorrow.
    Your blog is beautiful, peaceful, and loaded with wisdom so I will be back…


  2. God is so cool! And thank you Lynn for sharing. I choose this same verse on March 13 to focus on for the day. “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labour or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. Luke 12:27
    We are all different, yet all beautiful in different ways….just like the flowers. (-: Ker

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    1. Thank you Chris! I do love that song. I like many songs by Switchfoot and Jon Foreman. Your words encourage me. Thinking yet still have to take action in writing a devotional book incorporating God’s Breathing Spaces to help bring rest, renewal, and restoration to the world. Your writing inspires me!


  3. So beautiful! I think we all have that desire for the Garden of Eden that fuels our love of nature and draws us to its Creator. I’m so thankful He calls us as we are, thorns and all. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This is such a breath of fresh air, Lynn. I traveled with you and visioned us breathing deep in the place of unadorned cactuses. All so beautiful. I love your photos, especially the lovely butterfly. 🙂 I have never heard of Jon Foreman and his songs. I love this song! Your entire post moves me to tears. Thank you for all this encouragement that in Jesus we are beautiful in our “raw, unadorned form.” Love and hugs to you!

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    1. Hi Trudy! Jon Foreman’s song (with his band Switchfoot) Learning to Breathe is part of my testimony. He has a way of artistically bringing scripture to life! I’ve been blessed to see him and Switchfoot in concert a few times, but still have not heard them play Learning to Breathe live yet! 🙂 I’d recommend to check that one out too, and Only Hope. I’m glad you were blessed by God’s words today shared in this post. Have a beautiful day! Hugs to you back!

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  5. Wow, your words and photos brought tears to my eyes today. I have a few cactus plants that always fascinate my granddaughter. She asked me, “if these plants hurt you, why do you have them Grandma?” And I could never fully satisfy her question, thinking that it was just because I love all plants, and have a variety. But reading this today, I know it is because of the beautiful symbols they paint for us, that we all do indeed have our scars and sharp places. But Jesus comes to give us such grace right there! Thank you so much for this!

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  6. Oh this is fantastic! I truly have a passion for appreciating God’s amazing beauty in our natural world, so your blog really speaks to me! Keep up this wonderful work!

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  7. Lynn, such a beautiful post. It is interesting, isn’t it, how sometimes the most drawing beauty comes from the ordinary, unadorned things? Those pictures of the cactus are beautiful. And the visual of coming before our Father with the things about us that we may consider ugly or want to hide . . . and knowing He’s safe? That is vulnerable beauty.

    You’ve got me thinking. Thank you for that, my friend. Have a beautiful weekend!

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  8. What a blessing to have such a wonderful place nearby! Glad you shared about it with us. I can just imagine how lovely it is. And I love the comparison to beautiful things God has made, given and done for us. Something to meditate on daily. Thank you. 🙂

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