Never Crushed

Each post this month of April will be a Devotional on the security we have in God. My hope is that God will use these words to encourage you on your daily paths.


“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthian 4:8-9


The delicate orchid flowers have adapted to grow in the cool tundra of the sub-arctic to the heat of the deserts in Arabia and Australia. Most bloom in harsh rainforest environments where the orchids large roots can quickly absorb nutrients and water, as well as store water to be resilient during potentially harmful dry periods. Orchids are also known to have symbiotic relationships with fungi to provide nourishment, protecting them from perishing.


God has designed the orchid to adapt to environments that appear too difficult to survive. Yet He has given them all they need to thrive where they are planted. We too, can be secure that God has given us all we need to not be crushed, struck down, or destroyed. We are nourished with the living water of His words. He protects us from our enemies. He relieves us of our pressures when we cast our anxieties on Him. And we are never alone, secure in His love for us, and His promise of life eternal.

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43 thoughts on “Never Crushed

  1. I love these devotions, Lynn. These beautiful photos refresh my heart and the analogy to orchids comfort my soul. Thank you for reminding me that God will always give us what we need to survive and thrive wherever He plants us, even when it seems too difficult to survive. Yes, He will protect us from being completely crushed or destroyed! Love and hugs to you!

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  2. Another amazing reflection of our Creator in His creation. Please continue to “Do business until He returns”. It appears you connect with the Lord through His creation. I think we all can relate. It is what draws us to Him and awakens the eternity He has put in our hearts.

    Where is the landscape in your header image? It reminds me of the Sea of Galilee for some reason.

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    1. It’s actually a Maui landscape, in the north part of the island if I recall correctly! I’d love to have the header of an image I took in the Sea of Galilee sometime! “..awakens the eternity He has put in our hearts.” I love that! Thank you for your words here today.


  3. Hi Lynn,
    I’ve never had much success with orchids although they are so pretty! Do you grow them? These are lovely photos! I’m so glad we have God’s words to nourish our souls when we are dry and stuck in a place that feels barren and without growth because yes, we are never crushed — and sometimes when we feel that way, that’s when the most growth is happening that we don’t even realize!


    1. So true Val, that growth we don’t even realizing is happening is in those barren places. The orchid picture are from a Orchid Show but the Orchid Society of Alberta. They definitely know how to grow them, nourish them outside of their natural environment! I don’t have many plants in my home due to lack of space for them unfortunately as I do love them. Maybe one day again, but in the meantime can enjoy them in other places!


  4. Beautiful devotion! The thing I love about trials is, while hard, they create in us a deeper stronger dependence upon God. We may not be crushed but we are surely transformed! Love the images!

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    1. Hi Marcie. I’m glad you liked the images! So true, your words. Dependence and a stronger relationships with God are grown through our trials, transforming us to be more Christ-like. Thank you for your words here!

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  5. Symbiotic relationship! I remember that term from my high school Biology class. Our security comes from a relationship we have with our Creator – something that can never be taken away from us. Beautiful colors and macro-shots!

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    1. Yes Jason! Security in our Creator that can never be taken away from us. I had to look up how the symbiotic relationship works for this post. 🙂 That’s great that you still remember that term from high school! Have a blessed week!


  6. This is beautiful! Orchids are actually my favorite flower, but I didn’t know they could grow under such harsh conditions. God has an amazing way of revealing Himself to us through all things, little by little! Thank you so much for this. 🙂

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  7. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts and photos! I love orchids, and have grown them several times throughout the years. Because it’s not their native environment though, we tend to think of them as fragile flowers that have to have special care. But that’s so amazing the way that you have described their ability to live in harsh conditions where they were designed to grow! What beautiful thoughts about the way that we have been designed to grow and thrive in Christ! Hard-pressed, but not crushed because of Him! Thank you so much for these encouraging words today!

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    1. Bettie, your comment reminds me that God designed us to grow exactly where we are planted and the importance of being content where He has. He’s the designer of our life and knows best. Thanks for your thoughts here!

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  8. Lynn, I had no idea about all that you shared on orchids. They are truly extraordinary flowers! And so beautiful. We came across some growing wild on Kauai a few years ago. I loved seeing them in their native environment.

    I so appreciate how you turned this toward us and God, too. We can drink in strength and sustenance from God’s word, which can in turn, nurture us during the hard, dry seasons of life.

    Needed this today!

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    1. Jeanne, I loved how you write ‘can drink in strength and sustenance from God’s word..” He’s what nurtures us completely, instead of seeking beyond what we are designed for. Have a blessed weekend!


  9. I love the symbolism, especially with gardening as I’ve been into gardening lately. Unfortunately, my skills haven’t made it to orchids. They haven’t adapted to me!!! I’ll hope the metaphor ends before that though 😉

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    1. Hi Christina! I’m sure your gardening skills prosper in exactly what you need this season! Symbolism and metaphor, imagery, are devices I love to dive into to help show His abundant ways! Thanks for dropping by here today!


    1. Wow Mary, your Dad grew orchids? He must have been a very talented gardener, and what I blessing to have that delicate beauty of one of God’s flower masterpieces at your home. May you have a weekend securely soaked in His love and promises!

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  10. Lynn, I think you’re on to something with these devotionals… I am LOVING them. (I hope you continue after April, then put them all in a beautiful book. Just sayin’…)

    Thank you for nourishing my soul this morning. Thank you for the gorgeous images and the powerful message. I whispered “Amen” after I was done reading it. ❤

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    1. I’m glad they are nourishing you Chris! And always grateful for your encouragement! I am starting the process of writing a Breathing Space Devotional. Just writing those words are a bit scary! lol! May you have a God soul nourishing day!


  11. This is beautiful and filled with hope, Lynn. Crushed, not destroyed. Wondering what in heaven’s name is going on, but yet still filled with hope and promise. Leaning into His faithfulness, love, and strength, even when our hearts break into a million fragile peaces.

    He hasn’t changed a bit in the process. Praise His name

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