It only took 6 months…

It only took 6 months to finally start, but start I did! I’ve had video making as my goal this year. I even bought equipment way back in January (and I share links to these items later in this post). You can hear more of my story in my first VLOG including the why behind this venture into video learning (and other projects I’m currently working on). It’s all in the video story I share below. I hope it inspires!

If you prefer to read what I’ve been up to,  I’ve got that covered for you too! In the video I go over all the things I currently have on my desk which are all part of projects I’m working on.

On my desk are various video equipment items. I received video tips from Female Entrepreneur Association/Carrie Green and the recommended video equipment I have on my desk are the Rhode Microphone and Boya Mic and for scripting for future videos, the Parrot Teleprompter

The two books I have on my desk are The Sacred Search by Gary Sacher and The Mingling of Souls by Matthew Chandler. Both these books are to deepen my understanding on how God calls us to marriage His way and the reason why. And the reason why I’m reading them, too, is a small step to a possible ministry God might be calling me into. I say might, as I am not entirely sure, yet trust by taking this step He’ll lead me to what and how He’d like me to build His kingdom.

My two published journals are also on my desk; Breathing Spaces and Daily Success Journal. I’m taking small steps to publish a devotional that reflects Breathing Spaces, and I use my Daily Success Journal regularly! However, they are all sold out and I’m waiting for my new ones to arrive. I share in the video too, how I was blessed by a buyer of my journals recently who shared how it is helping her have a ‘happy’ mindset during a difficult time. I saw this also as a God nudge to keep going. Sometimes we just need those God-nudges of encouragement especially when what we are doing does not seem to produce the fruit we hoped for.

I end the video talking some camera chat showing my first DSLR camera, the Canon Rebel, that is on my desk. And chatting about the camera that I video with-Canon 5D Mark III. And how, if you are interested in ‘shooting’, just start! Don’t worry about having to know about aperture, shutter speed, focal length….just start. As it’s in the doing that we learn!

So, what have you been up to? What projects are you working on?

(P.S. I’ll be back here on Tuesday posting words and Breathing Space photos as usual!)

Lynn J Simpson, Author/Coach/Photographer at Inspiring Hope In You

7 thoughts on “It only took 6 months…

    1. Thank you Linda. Those are encouraging words for me. It’s work but fun too! I think I’d like my lips to look a bit more ‘natural’ with darker lipstick next time though. 🙂 Have a wonderful summer weekend!


  1. Oh super like! You are so right that the way we learn is by doing. We just have to start doing the things we want to do. I have had plans in the past I didn’t accomplish because I was obsessed with knowing everything about it before I actually start. I’m learning to be proactive my dreams. Stop waiting, and get started. Thanks for this inspiration!

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  2. Way to go girl! So glad you finally took the first step by doing this video blog. No idea at this time what God wants me to sTART, but I will definitely be thinking and praying about this more in the days ahead.

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  3. How did I miss this? Well, I am glad you wrote it out because I can not watch right now. I am babysitting my great-nephew and he is almost asleep! Shh… even with earphones, I don’t want to risk waking him up.

    I see a lot of Vlogs on youtube. It pains me to write “Vlogs.” It is not a real word! Ack. 😉 But they really do give life to a message.

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