A reason for restlessness


I’m not sure if it is either DNA or genes that dictate personality traits. So not sure if it is my Dad’s DNA or his genes that created a tendency in me to be restless within.

I’ve described my Dad as a ‘wanderer,’ however not sure if that is right word to explain his explorations including travels across provinces, country borders, or to the horse stables just a few miles from our home.

At home, too, in his lazy-boy chair he’d  wander into stories when reading his spy novels, biographies, and the three or four newspapers delivered to our front porch daily.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘wanderer’ as a person who roams about without a fixed route or destination.

No, I do not think ‘wanderer’ fits my Dad.

I’d called it wandering too, when late in his life and legally blind, he’d go on his a strolls away from the nursing home. Once while resting on a bus bench, a bus stopped, and the driver helped him on. He ended up riding the route, circling back to where he started (and where a relieved nurse from the nursing home waited on that same bus bench).

No, Dad can’t be called a wanderer  because, even if he wasn’t sure of his routes and had to refer to those paper maps in the glove compartments of his cars, he always had destinations in mind.

So maybe explorer would be a better word to describe my dad. And his explorations likely were motivated from a restlessness within. A restlessness derived from a knowing there is something more.

It is this more that can drive us to proceed, to keep seeking and reaching to fulfill our God-given heart desires of peace, joy, and love.

And to know Him.

I believe my dad’s heart desires were full-filled completely. He now rests in God’s presence, his restlessness no longer necessary to explore for something more.


Yes, I may have received my restless trait to explore from my dad, but it is my heavenly Father who first gave it to me.  My restlessness can be used to seek Him for what only He can satisfy.

So I’ve begun to embrace more my times of restlessness within.

Because I know that in my restless explorations I am not wandering aimlessly but seeking more  direction from the One who created me.  My routes may shift, change and be corrected, but He is my constant companion. And with patience, mercy and grace, He is teaching me His ways to the final destination–complete rest in Him.

If you’re in a season of restlessness, my friend, I pray you know you do not need to wander. Instead keep your eyes fixed on the destination God calls us to–completeness in Him.

And you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” Colossians 2:10

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Love Lynn, Certified Professional Life Coach @ Inspiring Hope in You


14 thoughts on “A reason for restlessness

  1. This is such a beautiful description of that restlessness within our hearts. How wonderful to think about that restlessness finally being fulfilled in the perfect presence of Jesus. We are complete here, but we will be able to see it fully when we are before His throne. Thank you for these words today, they were just what I needed. Blessings!

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  2. Nice pics of the mountains and ripples on the water from the rain drops
    DNA crazy to think that we all come from our Great grandparents our parents their parents and so on all the way back to Gods original plan ( Adam and Eve)
    We are so blessed by that DNA (The Holy Spirit) thru Christ Jesus in all of us

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  3. Dear Lynn … what a beautiful tender tribute to your Dad, to his qualities that made him who he was. I leave here encouraged not to rush through restlessness, but let it do its work …

    In that place we’ll find Him … if we dare to wait and wonder and pray.

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  4. I’m sorry you no longer have your dad here, Lynn. It’s wonderful to hear about him and your likenesses to each other. I like the word “explorer” better than “wanderer,” too. 🙂 I love this truth – “Because I know that in my restless explorations I am not wandering aimlessly but seeking more direction from the One who created me.” Oh, so true. Love and hugs to you!

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  5. Hello Lyn, I love how this was written. Very sweet indeed. Thanks for offering us a fresh, new perspective on restlessness, that we can actually use it for good, to seek more of The One who made us. I believe that deep in our hearts there is a God-shaped hole that only God can fulfill – with His peace, joy, love, mercy, and grace.

    Surely, He makes us lie down in green pastures and He leads us beside quiet waters.

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