A Small Argument


Often I’ll hear those big leaders talk about starting small. But my argument to that?

Small is just as impactful as big. Nothing is small. All acts of obedience are big.

Start small. And maybe small is your call. And that’s big too.

A small group leader of  2 is as impactful as a speaker who grows to 100,000 ‘s in audience. If your serving is mentoring one, serving for one, doing one thing…it’s BIG.

May you never think you HAVE to grow your audience, your social media following, your social influence….to be impactful.

May you never think you need to BE more to be impactful

Instead may you know that you make a difference no matter a measurement.

“You make a difference no matter a measurement.”

Maybe those big, influential leaders could eliminate the phrase to “start small” to start a shift towards authenticity rather than popularity in this culture blown up with media influence to be more popular with the masses. And for some, that popularity has included selling out through stealing words, pictures, ideas…deceit and lies unfortunately.

Let’s remember….

Small is just as impactful as big. Nothing is small. All acts of obedience are big.

“All acts of obedience are big.” 


Maybe it’s time to talk about starting big by showing up.

How would you end the following sentence?

Maybe it’s time to ……

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

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Lynn J Simpson, Certified Professional Life Coach at Inspiring Hope in You



30 thoughts on “A Small Argument

  1. Ties right in with Our Daily Breads devotional for today .
    We can make a mountain out of a mole hill when we don’t speak the truth in love to others as God word has spoken to us thru his Love in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus
    Good read for the second time today

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  2. Love this and agree 100%, Lynn! When I started writing posts on my website, the number of followers seemed important to so many and I was tempted to look at mine and make sad comparisons. Then the Lord nudged me and made clear: “Don’t look at the numbers. Sometimes what I lead you to write is for only one person.”❤️

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    1. That’s an impactful God nudge for all of us Pam! When you mention sad comparisons, it makes me think how consumerism can be highly driven by comparison. And that’s another big topic! Aren’t we blessed to have those loving God nudges that always create His peace and love? Have a wonderful week!

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  3. Amen. Faithfulness is not measured in the increase… that is the Lord’s domain. Ours is to deny self, take up our cross and follow the One who gave it all for us. The only measure that matters is whether or not he has our whole heart.


    1. So true Jill! God never wanted us to strive but to thrive and we do that when the pressure to perform is someone else’s standards instead of God’s don’t we? Much more peaceful and fully present when the pressure is off. Thanks for your presence here!

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  4. Dear Lynn,
    Oh I just wrote an email to a dear friend tonight, as we are praying about decisions ahead of us, and the Lord reminded me of your closing verse as we were preparing to pray together. How good the Lord is to confirm His Word! Thank you for the beauty of these thoughts. Every step of obedience is big.

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  5. A great post Lynn!
    This was really encouraging to read. We are making an impact wherever we are on this journey. Our “small” is not small in God’s eyes. A need to redefine the word is small is needed….

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  6. This reminds me of Mother Teresa’s quote about doing small things with great love. 🙂 Thank you so much for these encouraging thoughts, Lynn. I once went to a writing conference and was discouraged that there was so much in some sessions about building a platform. Later on, God nudged me to write for the audience of One. I love what Pam writes, too, about how God sometimes leads us to write for only one person. To finish the statement… Maybe it’s time to let go of the need for people approval and focus on God’s leading us as we write. Love and hugs to you!

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  7. This is such a beautiful reminder today. One small step is all God ever asks of us. Very few take big leaps because it is too easy to falter along the way. May we all take that step toward big obedience one baby step at a time.

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  8. Small is good. Small makes me the real me. It causes me to express vulnerability and authenticity, and this is the reason why I feel most relaxed in a small group. And doesn’t the Scripture says our faithfulness in small ways brings fruitfulness in big ways? God can magnify the impact of every act of obedience no matter the measurement is.

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  9. Your colors pop, your words ring true, Lynn.

    Small, big, whatever. It’s not the size, it’s the quality of what we do, who we are that matters. Are we doing our best, our most excellent work, no matter what the task?

    I want to forget perfection and not aim for applause except that audience of One. I’m glad He’s patient for our work in progress.

    Weekend blessings to you …

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  10. Lynn, what a powerful post! You’re so right. Sometimes God calls us to “small,” but that doesn’t mean less-than. When we are obedient with what God gives us, that is BIG. I think it comes down to who are we trying to please. When we know the Who and the Why, we can be fully engaged in doing whatever God has given us to accomplish…big or small.

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