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Just prior to the Christmas season, I was blessed to be taught a bible study method by Bonnie Gray, author of Whispers of Rest and Finding Spiritual Whitespace. As a thank you, Bonnie offered a live online bible study course for the women that had contributed to her publication platform. I first discovered Bonnie through her blog and always appreciated her kind, encouraging comments regarding my own writing and photography.

Over those few evenings when Bonnie Zoomed with us from her living room in California, I learned she attended bible college, taught bible study methods for many years, and once even led a singles ministry.  I also learned how to deeply seek the meanings of scripture and what God is saying to me through His words. And it’s changed me, in a very good way, on how I now approach my bible reading.

During our time together, she had us in Mark 6:45-52 as we observed, interpreted, and applied His word. She guided us in the understanding why it is in the interpretation of God’s word where most of our time is to be spent. She showed us how use the tools within https://www.biblestudytools.com/ and https://biblehub.com/

I was sad to see it end, and hope that one day Bonnie will offer a ‘train the trainer’ course so I can dive deeper into this bible study method and teach others!

But I digress…

What I really want to share is what I began to see when I read the following lines. And how just two lines in scripture rerouted my course, taking me ‘home.’


Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the crowd. Mark 6:52

Immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take courage! Don’t be afraid.” Then he climbed in the boat with them, and the wind died down. Mark 6:51

In the passage, it struck me how “immediately” is repeated, and that word ‘made’?–well it shouted out at me. Jesus made his disciples get into the boat, made them leave the party early so to speak. See, Jesus had just done the impossible. He fed 5,000 people with five loafs of bread and two fish. Five thousand people had just witnessed the miracle of Jesus! I can imagine the excitement of the disciples. Now….now…surely there were enough believers to make Jesus their king, right there and then!

But Jesus led the disciples away and made them get into the boat. I wonder if they objected? I can imagine Peter trailing behind Jesus as they walked away from the crowd, muttering to himself, and then standing in the boat as it sailed away from shore, shaking his head in wonderment as Jesus dismissed the crowd on land. The circumstances seemed to be exactly right for what he wanted to achieve, however Jesus was calling him back to the boat to travel to Bethsaida, where he, and the disciples Andrew, Philip and John had called home.


Jesus knew it wasn’t His time yet to be crowned. And He knew His crown was not ever to be a crown made of gold and silver. Instead it was to be a crown of thorns He’d bear as He hung on a cross, fulfilling His Father’s purpose for eternal salvation.

As I studied this scripture, I began to see myself at the boat, defiant and resisting Jesus. “But I know what is best! Yes, I’m tired, hungry, and overwhelmed by the crowd, but I can’t step away from the party. Look what I’ve started! How can I just walk away?”

And Jesus’ gaze is gentle as he tells me, “I’m making you go across the waters, to a place you’ll know as home.”

“Trust Me.”


I can imagine my body swaying slightly as the boat sails me away, over the waves, as I watch Jesus on land take care of the crowd, dismissing them.

Jesus is taking care of the details as I sail where He wants me to go.

So, as January 2019 comes to a close, my ‘goal’ book still stays closed, as I make my way to shore not sure what will come next. And whenever the wind feels against me, and the waves rough underneath me, He’s shown me through His word that I am “to take courage”, and “don’t be afraid.”


All I need to do is let Him in, let Him teach me, and still me with His presence.


What has God’s word taught you lately?

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22 thoughts on “A Word Teaching

  1. “Look what I’ve started! How can I just walk away?”
    Those words have been in my spirit recently. But when I read those words here on your post, and the ones immediately following I felt my whole body relax. Making me go to “a place you’ll know as home.” That was/is part of the miracle isn’t it?

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  2. First of all, as always, your photos refresh my spirit, Lynn. And I love your encouragement to “let Him in, let Him teach me, and still me with His presence.” It can be so hard to let go of what we think is best and give ourselves into His hands and His plan, can’t it? Thank you also for sharing what you learned from Bonnie. I love her perspective. Love and blessings to you!

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  3. Beautiful photos Lynn, they really enhanced your writing’s important points.
    God reminded me this morning that my purpose is to please God, not people. 1 Thes. 2:4b. (-: Kerry

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  4. I love how you’ve imagined yourself in the story! What it must have felt like to be in that boat with Jesus… It’s so hard to trust when the wind and the waves seem so intimidating, but Jesus is so much more powerful than we can imagine. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. This really spoke to me this morning. I love how our obedience can untie Jesus’ hands to immediately and swiftly move us in the direction we should be going. I join you today in praying that we will be still in His presence and let Him guide us forward into 2019. ❤

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  6. Lynn, great words, friend. Trusting God with the details is an ongoing journey for me. Sometimes it’s hard to hear God’s word to me to stop the journey I’m on, and trust Him to send me in another direction. THere’s something in the learning to trust Him, thought, that draws me closer to Him.

    As for what God’s teaching me? He’s been showing me how fear can deeply impact our lives if we don’t do the right things with it. I’ve been studying Saul’s life. I want to be yielded to God, and living in yet another aspect of trusting Him. Choosing not to fear but to trust Him in those seasons when fear wants the upper hand.

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    1. Fear so travels on our roads, like an annoying mosquito. And bites us from time to time leaving an itch we have to resist scratching! I love how God is teaching you through Saul, Jeanne. I hope to read more about His teachings on Saul at your blog maybe? 🙂


  7. What an inspiring post, my sister. Your words resonate in perfect harmony with this moment in my walk. My 2019 began with the Lord signaling “time out” over my life. Time-out from the world, and time-in for an extended Sabbath season in His Word and in His presence that my soul desperately needs. His Spirit is continually whispering to me that the greatest tragedy of this life would be to become distracted from the journey toward knowing Him. I long to be in that boat with Him—letting go, trusting, following, listening. Thank you for this timely encouragement.

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  8. Lynn, your message is so impactful on my heart. I just hear the passion behind your words and how God is leading you and ministering to your heart through His Word and it is just so encouraging!

    I loved how you interpreted this scene in your own life. I can feel it play out in mine with “home” being home base with Him- away from the need to succeed, the need to be productive, the need to race around everywhere as a parent and friend and ministry leader and writer and wife. I think he tries to “make” me go home- to Him. He wants me to anchor back in through praying and listening to HIM, reading HIS word, investing in my devotional time with HIM. And many times, I don’t listen very well- I resist because as you described- what about the party just getting started? What about all THAT ACTIVITY I must tend to!! I can’t just leave it NOW in the midst of it all. But yes, oh yes He says I can and I should.

    Thanks for this, my friend.

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    1. In your season of teenagers Chris, there is a party everywhere! Thanks for spending time here and my prayer for you is to have the devotional time He longs for you to renew, recharge, and refresh.


  9. I’m convinced we don’t have to know the answers because God does. He is teaching you to not be afraid and be courageous and that is enough for now. I’m in a season of not knowing exactly what is next, but what I do know is how God is with me and He has it all figured out. Blessings to you, friend!

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