A Breath of Summer & Beginnings


Summer is not my favourite season. I know many would challenge me, but somehow the pressure of the summer days to be more active, socialize more, BBQ more, go to all the outdoor city festival events, try to keep the lawn free of weeds and the flowers growing, makes me feel that I’m never doing enough.

Summer just doesn’t seem to work for me. And I can feel weary rather than energized. So I put off editing those writings pieces, or getting that photo album done for the children, or finally cleaning up that room my youngest moved out of a year ago. ‘Cause it all just seems so darn hard.

How long will you put off going in to take possession of the land, which the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you?” Joshua 18:3

When Joshua led the Israelites to their promised land, there were several tribes who put off possessing their inheritance. They held back from going in, possibly not looking forward to the hard work it would take to settle the land and fearing the obstacles such as battles with their enemies. They may have grown weary of their situation and began to wonder if it was worth it to continue on anymore. And the procrastination delayed receiving the blessing God promised them.


When I recently read Joshua’s story, I saw myself like one within those tribes that put off entering into God’s promises. I’d been wondering if the time and money I’d put into writing and photography, and other activities was really worth it anymore. Even though kingdom building is what I strived for, I fell into measuring my success from my bank account and how many social events were listed on my calendar, and comparison.

A habit developed of reading or watching Netflix, or even studying, rather then enter into my office to write or enter into a new place to photograph.

However, thankfully God’s promises do not have an expiry date. With the leadership and encouragement from Joshua, all the tribes did enter and take possession of the land the Lord had promised them. With the leadership and encouragement from God’s word, we too can take possession of His promises and come out of our procrastination, or our putting off of doing the hard work for fear of potential obstacles.


No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them. Joshua 1:5-6

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; everyone was fulfilled. Joshua 21:45

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

It is never too late to begin again. And I do…and maybe even make summer work for me after all. 

How do you fight procrastination? Or is there someone that needs your leadership and encouragement?

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22 thoughts on “A Breath of Summer & Beginnings

  1. Love these photos and this story of returning to writing and photography. We are also similar on the issue of summer. It is not my favorite season either. I do not like the humidity that saps my energy and the days were the temps go about low 80’s. There are many more things that need attending to and on a week such as this where temps here will be in the low to mid-90’s and the heat indices reach over 100, I long for my favorite season – autumn!

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  2. I love your photos and your words, Lynn. I struggle with procrastination with my story, especially when I don’t know what I need to work on next, or if I am “doing it right.” But you’re right. We need to be intentional to do the work/work on the calling God has given us. And we need to trust that He will enable us to complete that which He’s given us to do.

    I love the reminder in Galatians 6. Thanks for a great post, Lynn!

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    1. There is so much encouragement in God’s word, especially when we are feeling tired and seem to not have the energy to do the work he’s called us to do. Sometimes that encouragement is to rest. May God keep your words flowing, my friend!


  3. Love those photos. I do love summer although when it is hot and humid I don’t have much energy. My procrastination is usually about work around my apartment, not so much my writing. I spend too much time on the computer and then when I remember something I should have done, it is too late in the evening and there goes another day it doesn’t get done. Then when things pile up enough and I can’t stand it, I make myself do it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a pigpen in here, just pockets of things that need tending to and get neglected. I doubt if I will be reformed now at 74 years old. 🙂

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    1. Oh, those chores that can pile up around our homes can be something easily procrastinated when other things we are so much more interested in are at our fingertips, literally! Maybe it is about gently accepting that is who we are, letting it go, and trusting we will get it done? And never be too hard ourselves!

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  4. This post is very timely for me. I have been procrastinating in an area of my life and honestly just realized my first step is admitting that I am dragging my feet. Somehow saying the words out loud to family members and some friends helped me to move past just saying I was going to do something to getting motivated to actually begin. It also helps when you have people around who encourage you in your dream.

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  5. Gal. 6:9 is exactly the prompting I needed Lynn to get back to writing on my book. I put it off this summer for a better cause, being with family and am not sorry. But even a good rut can become a bad one. I have gotten lazy on writing toward the book because it is hard work. It is much easier to write a blog post, share something on facebook but the details of a book that will contain some things I have kept in my heart for years is scary. But I know this must be a transparent book being it’s a memoir. You seem to write with such ease so it’s good to read how procrastinating hits you also. Your pictures and stories encourage me, thank you , thank you.

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    1. I feel for you Betty! It is hard work and we can steer toward the easier that we think will have less resistance. I definitely can take the easier and more instant gratification route. May we be an influencer and an encourager to one another and persevere in those promptings and know we are not alone!


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