A Breath of a Past Adventure

We’ve had a very rainy summer in my part of the world. How about you? I’ve not had new adventures this summer, however I have been blessed by past summer adventures taking me off my beaten path. One such adventure was during an early July weekend in 2014. Three friends and I explored the highest peak of Mount Assiniboine in the southern continental ranges of the Canadian Rockies.

We reached Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park by helicopter from Canmore, Alberta  The park can also be reached by 15 hour hike that includes an evening at Byrant Creek Shelter.  But the helicopter ride up was worth every cent in my opinion! I remember exiting the helicopter and saying to my friend, “No other moment this weekend can get better than that!”

However, there was no moment that topped another. Our two days were full of stunning scenery, satisfying hikes, and a lot of laughs along the way. Yes, we were clothed in many layers and our rain gear (mine completely out-fitted by MEC, my favourite ‘forever lasting’ adventure clothing gear store) was well-used, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. Instead, the weather added to the adventure. Later my girlfriend remarked how one of my photos captured our one minute of sun breaking through the clouds.


We spent our nights in one of the 5 Naiset Huts. and cooked our meals in the adjacent cooking hut. Cooking huts are a wonderful place to easily engage in conversations with other travellers. We spent our first evening enjoying a beverage in the charming common room at the Assiniboine Lodge.

When it was time to leave, my friends L & J decided to hike out.  When B & I took the helicopter down, we also got to sit in the helicopter’s front seat! A couple of days later I found out from L that they missed a turn, leading them on the wrong trail and adding six hours to their return hike. Yikes! Having an experienced, excellent map reader is a must on any back country trail! Yet, even then, we can all make mistakes and get on the wrong path. But thankfully, with perseverance and a hopeful spirit, our way is righted.


I’m ready for another adventure. How about you? What is one of the favourite places you have visited? Or, what place do you recommend for my next adventure?

 You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11

23 thoughts on “A Breath of a Past Adventure

  1. Oh, Lynn. What an amazing adventure that must have been. And your photos are beautiful! I haven’t been on a ton of adventures. Though I will say visiting a small part of Greece and Italy were pretty amazing earlier this year. I’ve always been fascinated with Pompeii. To see it in person this year was probably one of my highlights. 🙂

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  2. Wow, that was surely an amazing adventure! My trip to Vietnam with my daughter-in-law to visit her family was my greatest travel adventure. I’m so thankful I was given that opportunity 8 years ago before my chronic illness began. Such precious memories.

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    1. I’m glad God’s timing always works out (when we say yes to His promptings). This reminds how often I’ll say ‘no’ and find excuses when God really wants me to explore something. I imagine seeing the sites of Vietnam with ones who live there would have been full of culture learning and an off-the beaten tourist tracks kind of adventure. Our adventures can be in our own spaces too, can’t they? Books take me traveling and I don’t have to leave my kitchen table! May you feel God’s hands of peace and healing upon you Bettie, including from your blooming flowers in that lovely garden of yours!

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    1. Thanks Jill. I see how I’ve developed taking photos since then, but I always say to others that you just got to start shooting! You may never reach (or afford the camera equipment) to be National Geographic publishable, however the photos are about the memories, time, and people too. Even a blurry photograph can resonate with you and your loved ones. I love to share out adventures hoping to inspire others to take their little adventures they’ve been dreaming of to. 🙂


  3. Beautiful photos, Lynn. It’s great to have those kind of memories. I remember travelling out west many years ago–1981. We stayed in Banff, Jasper, walked on the Athabasca glacier (I think that was the name), saw the beautiful turquoise glacier lake Peyto Lake, traveled to B.C. and Vancouver Island, panned for gold in Barkerville and rode on the B.C. railway among other things. And we ate fresh salmon dinners, one in the salmon capital of the world, Campbell River. Although I see according to Google it is no longer the capital. It was a great 3-week trip. I got tons of photos, but that was before digital cameras, so they are all print pictures.

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    1. That sounds like a wonderful trip. I do love the Rocky Mountains and blessed that they are only a half a day’s drive away. Print photos are wonderful for they are printed! Many digital photos can just stay on a card for no one to see. Are your photos in an album to look back on? Athabasca Falls is beautiful, and panning in Barkerville fun! You’ve brought back memories and now inspired me to take a trip further west again.

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      1. Yes, most of them are in an album. I took a few out to enter into a contest a few years ago for a calendar. I received honorable mention for one of them, but I have never put them back in the album because they were glued in. I wish I were that close. I love the mountains. I would love to walk one of the trails (it would have to be one of the easier ones now with my uncooperative hip), but I doubt that will happen.

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    1. Yes it is beautiful Sandi! I am blessed that the Rocky Mountain range starts only a half day drive away from where I live. But want more and to live even closer, and then wonder if they would just become background I wouldn’t notice? God knows us best though, doesn’t He? He may have me planted in the prairies for a reason! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. These are stunning, my friend, and remind me of everything I love about the places shown in this post.Your photos tell a story of the Creator and remind us of how vast He is in all He has created on this earth and beyond it. What a delight to view these this afternoon. Thank you!!❤️

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  5. Beautiful Lynn. I often say, in fact just wrote this today, I have had enough adventure to last me the rest of my life. But looking at your pictures made me want to experience those view up close and with my own eyes. Thanks Lynn for sharing them.

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  6. I enjoyed reading about your adventure. Not sure about that helicopter ride, though. I definitely have an adventurous side but find it less through traveling. As I got older, more fears came into play, especially with the annoyances of air travel. Still, when I see photos such as yours, my heart stirs.

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    1. You’ve made me think, Evelyn, about ways we could travel to satisfy our adventurous side that requires no air travel and just bits of time! Maybe an unexplored area in our neighbourhood could stir our heart too? I’ll be thinking about this! Thanks for your thoughts here!


  7. Wow wow wow! That sounds like an incredible experience, Lynn! Those pictures are STUNNING. I love that you have explored so many beautiful places with your adventurous spirit! You are inspiring me to do the same, just as soon as my kids leave the nest!

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    1. I get that, Chris, and in the future you’ll see more by me about that ‘kids left the nest’ season. (new project). 🙂 In the meantime may you be having mini-adventures that fill you with family time too!


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