A Lesson from B & J’s Ice Cream


It had been one of those days. Those ‘half a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream was gone’ kind of days. And I am a vanilla-liking girl! I also tend to stay away from dairy as it can disagree with my digestion from time to time.

Knowing that my self-control was out of control, I poured hot water over the remaining ice-cream until it was only a mush of brown slime in the kitchen sink while trying to keep my late mother’s voice in my thoughts from interfering: “What about those starving children in Africa?” 

I wasted good ice-cream that is also a perfect for a treat for my grandchildren due to my insatiable desire to feel better with a wordly item.

I mindlessly overindulged to try to relieve and distract myself from what I considered a bad day. 

What do you indulge mindlessly in hoping to feel better or to numb out? You can read more of how this Lenten season is helping me to draw away from overindulging at Inscribe Writers Online

My daughters enjoying Leopold’s Ice-Cream in Savanah, Georgia April 2018

Next week I will be at Mary Geisen’s Place getting real about being a Type 7 on the Ennegram Wheel. Do you know your number?

8 thoughts on “A Lesson from B & J’s Ice Cream

  1. Your daughters are beautiful, Lynn! The peacock photo is breath-taking and reminds me of my childhood on the farm when we had one. 🙂 Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach the rest of your article. The link didn’t go through when I clicked on it. I checked out Inscribe Writers Online and couldn’t find it there either. I’m looking forward to reading your article at Mary’s! Love and blessings to you!

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    1. Thanks, Lynn. I was able to read it all this time. 🙂 This is such a great question to ask ourselves – “Is there something in your life to give-up to help you remember the sufferings of Christ on the cross?” I’ll have to reflect on this more. I don’t remember how long we had the peacock, but I know we kept him in the hay mow. He got out somehow when we didn’t realize it and got stuck in the manure of the cow yard and died. 😦 Love and blessings to you!

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  2. Lynn, this was such a beautiful post. I like your “grown up” way of doing Lent. I needed the reminder that Lent can be a time when I purposely seek to remember Jesus’ suffering on the cross . . . and what motivated it. When I’ve tried fasting (which hasn’t been often enough), I’ve tried to be intentional about praying and fixing my mind on the Lord in the times when I normally ate a meal. I’m pondering your post, my friend.

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    1. That you’ve been so intentional when fasting is very commendable Jeanne! I honestly haven’t fasted very often. I recall once only for three days. As I researched for that post, I also had to ponder all that I was reading about the practices of Lent and why. Our own writing can sure lead to our pondering too. I’m glad we have community that draws us to dig deeper in who Christ is and how He wants us to serve Him. Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Girl, we have ALL been there! I sure love seeing the pic of your girls in the sunshine and wearing shorts! It looks SO wonderful… Hoping we get some sunshine and fresh air here soon. (It’s been ugly and rainy and cold!).

    Thank you for that important perspective you shared, my friend. Praying we can all draw near to Christ with our choices now more than ever.

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  4. I’m late in coming here to reply, but thank you for these great thoughts, Lynn, here and over at InScribe Writers. Oh, may I look to His grace that does teach me to say “no” to sin that would so easily entangle. This time of being closed in, even more than normal, is a perfect opportunity to dwell more on what Jesus has given for me. May I respond to His prompting.

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