When all Seems Gone-“Peace be with you.”

Usually these weeks before celebrating Easter, our sermons, readings, and devotionals reflect the upcoming celebration of Jesus’ resurrection of the cross. This year Easter seems to have been buried beneath the current events. But Palm Sunday is still almost upon us, followed by the Holy Week. These words I post were written a year ago, however like all of God’s words, it’s message is timeless and timely.

On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jewish leaders, Jesus came among them and said, “Peace be with you!” John 20:19

An empty tomb. 

The tomb which had held Jesus, their Saviour, their teacher, their friend, was empty. The broken body of their King, gone.

Peter and John, along with the other disciples (except for Judas for he had betrayed Jesus, and for Thomas who was not with them that day) drew together behind a locked door. John’s gospel teaches it was a first day of the week, and Peter and John had recently witnessed an empty tomb except for strips of linen, and the cloth that had been wrapped around Jesus’ head.

An empty tomb. 

Although scripture does not name the room where the disciples were hiding that day, bible scholars think it may have been the room upstairs where they stayed before (Act 1:13) and reference it as the Upper Room.

In the Upper Room that day, I imagine the disciples fear and sadness laced the air, along with the lingering smell of  bread and wine from their last supper when Jesus, their Saviour, their teacher, their friend was still there.

I imagine Peter feeling regret, the roosters crow still echoing in his mind.

I imagine John, tears flowing freely in grief and wondering how best to honour his Saviour’s request to take care of Jesus’ mother, Mary. 

I imagine, even though they huddled together, the room felt empty without the presence of Jesus whose love they had known. 

A love that now seemed gone, with an empty tomb while they huddled in that locked Upper Room. 

And, I imagine, all the disciples hoping they could have just one more day with Him. 


Then, He is suddenly standing before them. 

“Peace be with you,” He says. 

Peace be with you.

Even after all He had endured—whippings, a crown of thorns, a cross to carry, nails in His hands, and all the sin of the world upon Him…

His first words to His beloved disciples were to settle their grieving, fearful, and shameful hearts.

“Peace be with you!”

And “The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.” John 20:20.5

Even when all seems empty, gone–a loved one, a job, a dream, a friend, a child moving out, consequences from a mistake- and your heart is grieving, may you remember Jesus first words to His disciples that day He appeared.

“Peace be with you.”

Those words are for you too, today and forever more.

Lynn J Simpson is just a gal doing life one step at a time. You can find more of her Breathing Spaces Photography at Lynn J Simpson Photography. You can also check out her publications at Publications.

21 thoughts on “When all Seems Gone-“Peace be with you.”

  1. Amen. Peace be with you. His peace makes all the difference. I am so thankful for this reminder today, that He will break into every trial, just to let us know that HIS peace is still available for us now. Blessings and prayers for you, dear friend.

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    1. I love how you say that “He will break into every trial” to let us know His peace. He is always working for us, isn’t He Bettie! I hope you are full of His peace right now, Bettie!


  2. Thank you, Lynn! I needed this reminder. The weight on the disciples’ hearts must have been so crushing. And their confusion must have been overwhelming. What Jesus said then truly is so relevant and needed today! Love and blessings of His peace to you and your loved ones!

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    1. I like how you describe the disciples of having a weight on their hearts. Our hearts do so hurt when anxious and uncertain but He brings peace and lifts that weight. So true! Blessings back to you Trudy! Grateful for your word, support and virtual love!

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    1. Yes, it is bizarre times, Sandi, but His peace is alway present no matter how chaotic our times can become! I’m glad you found sharing His words encouraging. Hope you are well, Sandi!


  3. Thank you Lynne for posting this. Peace is the thing the world needs most right now. Anxiety and fear are gripping many people as they are unable to fathom what is really going on today. Even Christians are battling this, desperately trying to find that place of peace. Perfect love casts out fear, so as we meditate on His unfathomable love for us, demonstrated by His death on the cross, we should realize that we have no reason to fear. If He loves us that much, then He will keep us safe. I imagine there are those in this crisis who are feeling as though Jesus has left them, but then He shows up and says, “Peace be with you”. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful Savior. The Lord bless you and keep you, Lynn.

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  4. “Perfect love casts out fear, so as we meditate on His unfathomable love for us, demonstrated by His death on the cross, we should realize that we have no reason to fear. If He loves us that much, then He will keep us safe.” So much wisdom in those words, Diane. Thank you for sharing those here. Hope you are well!

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  5. Dear Lynn, you’re right, Lent got buried under illness and pandemic this year. I turned around and there was Palm Sunday. Just waiting for my attention.

    I’m trying to be more purposeful this week in appreciating the sacredness, the love, the sacrifice. The HOPE! Thank you for going there.

    He is risen indeed!

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  6. Lynn, this was beautiful! You brought a new perspective to this story for me. I’m so thankful Jesus is the Giver of Peace. When we know Him, we can always walk in peace, even after we’ve messed up. May your Easter hold much peace, friend.

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  7. Dear Lynn: You did so well on this post. I couldn’t help read through the comments from your wonderful followers and supporters that I liked almost all of them. You’re an inspiration. How do you cope up with all of the responsibilities, professional and otherwise, i’m always curious.

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