A List Forgetting Story with a Donut

“You should have warned me so I could have been prepared,” my eldest sister, D, complains.

“Well, I thought it up just a couple of hours ago when in the shower,” I explained. I could see her eyes roll through my iPhone screen. 

“I want to go get a donut now,” she says. 

 Beside me,  my middle sister, G, and her husband, J,  take a bite of their chocolate covered, cream filled donut. “Mmm…good,” G teases. I laugh. 

I’d stayed in the shower too long that morning—I mean, who would want to get out of a hot shower when just “the list” adorned the day? — until I had the idea to buy a few Boston Cream donuts from Tim Hortons in remembrance of my dad who had passed away 6 years ago. My dad, legally blind from macular degeneration, had us sisters take him out from the seniors home whenever we visited, and drive him to Tim’s, so he could have his favourite donut, Boston Cream, and a large Tim’s coffee (double double).  

I picked up three donuts from the drive-thru, texted my sister, who did not respond, drove by her empty driveway, figured G and J weren’t home, went to the over-priced grocery store, decided not to buy the $6 head of cauliflower, thought about heading home to the list, but turned back to G & J’s where the driveway was still empty, parked outside her house and called G.

“Where are you?” I ask.

“At home,” she says. “What are you doing driving around my house?”

“Why aren’t you answering your text?” I ask? 

“What text?”


Since sister D lives four provinces east, I couldn’t bring her a donut, so we called her via Facetime. 

Laughing with my sisters, producing other ideas to remember our brother, our sister ’n law, our mother, and others in our family who have passed away— it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Sometimes the most productive days, the most energy reviving moments, are when we turn away from our list and tune into life. 

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  1. I love this priceless story for so many reasons including the sweet story about your dad. We all need to learn to be able to “let go” of “the list” far more often but some of us find it harder to do it seems. Your reminder is spot on!

    1. Yes, it harder for some than others to let go of our lists! I have a hard time when I am in my “should” frame of mind. Letting go of the “shoulds” tends to be the first step! Have a wonderful weekend, Pam!

  2. “Sometimes the most productive days, the most energy reviving moments, are when we turn away from our list and tune into life. ” Especially if it involves a Boston cream donut! 🙂

  3. What a great story, and such a worthwhile investment of time. I suspect that sharing in the ongoing process of loss and grief (which comes in layers for oh so long) with your loved ones who remain in the land of living, was far more rewarding than completing that list. Wise choice, my sister.

  4. Ahhh, Lynn. This is beautiful. sometimes, the important (whether for the heart, spirit, emotions, soul, well-being) need to trump the necessary–the list. I’m so glad you got to share donuts with one of your sister and laughter with both of them. How special!

  5. What a delightful read, reminding us to turn away from our list and tune into life. AMEN to that, Lynn! I am not a spontaneous person, so a bit of prodding is usually necessary for me to follow such advice. Thank you for the nudge!