A Rocky Mountain Dream

On cue, most Sunday early evenings, I hear the chime of a text message. My eldest sister.

“The great Canadian Baking Show is ON”

“Tournaments of Champions….Food Channel. Then to biscotti on The Great Canadian Baking Show.”

“In anticipation of the Great Canadian Baking Show I baked a cake. The cake mix and canned icing were only a few months past ‘best by’ date so I decided to live dangerously. Not bad except for the metallic taste.”

My eldest sister lives a 30 hour drive away. Usually my sisters and I see each other a few times a year, but Covid restrictions have us staying in our provinces of Alberta and Ontario. Thus began the Sunday night text chatter that has included a cat, a puzzle, and a (luckily not rancid) cake. I have the pictures to proof it. But don’t tell my sister. I hope to save these conversations for a book called “Sisters of the Pandemic.” I think it will be a best seller or maybe at least be on a Kindle buried in a box in a museum’s archived chamber in the year 2090.

One can dream…

I don’t dream of ever being on the Great Canadian Baking Show, however you wouldn’t know that from my Cake Creation Pinterest board that are full of cakes creations from pastel coloured flowers covering top layers to Baby Yoda. I’ve dreamed of being on Nailed It! where amateur bakers try to make professional themed cakes and, well, Destroy It! My granddaughter said I was too good of a baker (bless her heart) to ever be on that show. But I can dream on by hanging up my Nailed It banner in my kitchen (yes, I have one bought from Etsy), and pretend the hand mixer vibrating in my hands is actually a pretty commercial mixer(and a perfect time to day-dream of being on set with every bakers dream tools just a reach away).

I don’t want to put down our human dreams, yet have to share this quote I came upon:

God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Now I don’t believe God does not want us to dream. He places dreams in our hearts that evolve to create wonders to build His Kingdom like ministries, businesses, art, care-taking of loved ones, making the best ever Avenger cake in your grandson’s eyes…

But no man can create the Rocky Mountains. Or a bird that flies. Or lake waters that glimmer like glass.

With this in mind, may you be reminded of God’s provision and generosity reflected through the beauty of nature.

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders, where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy. Psalm 65:8.

A Book Launch and Something Free

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What in nature is reminding you of God’s provision and generosity today?

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  1. I do remember your grandkids loving your cakes, Lynn. 🙂 I love “God’s provision and generosity reflected through the beauty of nature.” Your photos always breathe hope into my heart of that. We woke up one morning this week to 6 inches of very wet snow. Although I am longing for spring, we do need the moisture. And the freshly-fallen, pure, white snow is so beautiful and it led to fresh reminders of how He makes us whiter than snow. Love and blessings to you, my friend!

    1. I so love how the snow (even though in spring) reminded you how He makes us “whiter than snow.” Perfect words for this Easter season. I do though hope that will be the last snowfall ’til winter for you though! Love and blessings to you too, Trudy!

  2. Beautiful post, Lynn. Your gorgeous photos are certainly proof of God’s provisions. I laughed reading about your Pinterest page. 🙂 Over the years, so many people have told me I should start a cookie business. I don’t cook and I really only enjoy baking cookies. Thank you for sharing today!

    1. Love to know what your favourite cookies are to bake, Jill! My family prefers cookies over cake so I am sure your family is blessed by your home-baked cookies. Maybe you could share your recipes on Pinterest! 🙂

  3. Hi Lynn – I can relate to the baking thing. I’m hooked on all those shows. Every time I watch one, I entertain thoughts of taking lessons, watching YouTube videos, and making amazing cakes. Thanks for the post.

    1. Those baking shows can be addictive! What I enjoy is that my granddaughter likes to watch them, too, over any other television. Nice to see you here! Maybe you could show us one of your amazing cakes you bake inspired by a baking show!

  4. I had forgotten you are a baker, Lynn. 🙂 This post was fun and true. Whether our dream is to be on a certain show, or to make a name for ourselves through our written words or photographs or with singing voices or acting ability or in some other way, all of our best achievements pale compared to how God reveals Himself to us through His creation. Thanks for reminding me of what my perspective needs to be in the dream-pursuing I do.

    1. Through your photography, Jeanne, I think you see how generous God is with His gifts of nature, too! You can’t help but try to capture it somehow with a click (or many clicks) of a camera. 🙂 Maybe it’s in the trying of reflecting God’s beauty, whether it be words, or art, or photography, or acting or singing…that are dreams are found. Ahh…you’ve made me go deeper even more with this reflection of Psalm 63!

  5. I love leaving my windows open to hear the birds. As I sit at my desk it sometimes seems as though those little bird voices are actually having a conversation, with all the inflections of voice that a human would have. That’s what reminds me that God is generous and caring.

    I love baking cookies and cakes but I’m certainly not the type to try out all kinds of cake creations. I do enjoy seeing others’ creations though.

    1. Joy, I can see you at your desk hearing those birds out your window! I wonder what they are saying to each other. I have a feeling it is never words of complaint though! Thanks for dropping into this space!

  6. Love that Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote! Thank you, Lynn. God has indeed blessed beyond my dreams many times over in my life. As for nature reminding me of God’s provision and generosity: Our son and DIL gave us a pot of hyacinths a couple of weeks ago. It’s been great fun watching the stalks grow taller by the day, displaying more and more flowers. Just yesterday, as the first stalks are staring to look weary, I noticed each bulb is pushing up another stalk! I didn’t know hyacinths did that. The fresh growth feels like an extra gift, so we can enjoy the beauty (and that heavenly scent) just a bit longer.

  7. On this late Sabbath evening, I heaved a huge sigh of joyful relief as I gazed on your peace-filled photos. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your gifts with us.

    Photos AND a piece of cake would be fabulous right about now!


  8. God’s imagination, love, and maybe HIs sense of humor (I mean, look at a duck-billed platypus…come ON!) are on display through His creation. Our creations are a weak imitation compared to His.

    And I would totally buy “Sisters of the Pandemic”! 🙂