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Breathing Yahweh – Love for the Yahweh Breath of Life

What is breathing Yahweh? What is the Yahweh breath of life?

The summers I would visit my father at his care home, we sat outside on the enclosed patio decorated with hanging flower pots and garden chimes. Sometimes the smell of fried chicken would float our way from the fast food restaurant across the street. But my dad preferred donuts and coffee over chicken and french fries, so we sipped our coffee out of paper cups and wiped our sticky fingers on white napkins, as we commented on the going-ons in our world that day. 

Often lounging with us were residents with oxygen tanks keeping their breathing at levels to live. Their life depended on breathing in the correct amount of CO2 from a metal cylinder linked to a tube in their nose. I remember breathing in deeply, thankful for this breath of life still free from needing assistance. 

Yahweh Breath of Life is the Gift of Life

For without breath there is no life. The Yahweh breath of life is God’s breath bringing our lifeless bodies to life. Breath is not something we give to ourselves. 

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. Genesis 2:7

Johnston Canyon Bridge, Banff, Alberta

My father was father to 5 children, a husband for 60 years, a construction supervisor for his working life, a welcome presence for the librarians at his local library, and much more. He also attended church faithfully, in the latter years with his eyesight lost, sitting in the front pew where the priest walked to him to serve communion. These events, these life memories were in his eulogy that I wrote and spoke, his achievements so to speak, but what I failed to say is that his breath of life was the most valuable gift to us all. His presence more worthy than any $50 bill he tucked in our palms. 

Our Worth is from God

No achievement or lack of achievement can determine our worth. For it is God that blew His breath into us. It is God that provides us life, and provides us all that we need to live out our time until He takes our breath away and we return to dust.

Peyto Lake, Banff, Alberta. A place to for the Yahweh Breath of Life

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

    he leads me beside quiet waters,

    he refreshes my soul.

He guides me along the right paths

    for his name’s sake.

Psalm 23:1-3

When you take away their breath,

They die and return to dust.

Psalm 104:29

Bringing Ourselves to God with a Yahweh Breath of Life

Physically we may need a instrument such as an oxygen tank to keep us breathing but we depend on God for life. As my days progress, worries and fears makes me gasp or take short breaths until I remember WHO is the ONE who breaths life in me.

Recently I learned a breathing exercise to bring my whole self back to God in moments of tension between what I see and who He is. 

Breathe in “Yah”. Breathe out “weh”

Yahweh. “I AM WHO I AM.” (Exodus 3: 14)

Kamloops, British Columbia

Intentionally taking in God with breaths of surrender, my body releases tension and my mind fills with ease. Each breath is a reminder of God’s unchanging nature, and faithfulness to His promises. 

Our dependance is on God who gave us the gift of life and wants the best for us. 

The Lord took my father’s breath away many years ago now, but memories from the gifts of his presence lives on, including whenever I smell fried chicken and french fries.

May we know God’s presence with us with every breath we take. Will you take in the life giving breath of  “Yahweh” today? 

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  1. Love this post and its reminders about breaking in the breath of life God gives us. I have used John Eldredge’s One Minute Pause app all summer using the Resilient track and it’s been a very rich blessing.

    1. You are welcome, Jill! I imagine your grandmother made fried chicken? On a hot day, I’m not very fond of the smell until good memories come up in my mind. It’s a blessing to remember moments that seemed insignificant, but end up having a long-term impact.

  2. I’m so glad you may have fond memories of your father, Lynn. I didn’t always have fond memories of mine until I could see the broken child within him. You have brought back a good memory. In his later years by the grace of God my dad did change. He loved to sit outside in the sun. When I visited him in the summer, I’d take him out in his wheelchair into an enclosed space. Goldie, the golden lab who comforted residents, walked out with us one day. The three of us soaked up the warming rays of the sun. 🙂 Thank you for bringing back that good memory, my friend, and for focusing my heart on what grace did to my heart and his. Thank you also for this comforting message and for sharing the breathing exercise. “Each breath is a reminder of God’s unchanging nature, and faithfulness to His promises.” I needed this reminder today. Your photos always bring cleansing breaths to my weary spirit, too. 🙂 Love, hugs, and blessings!

    1. What a fond memory of your dad, Trudy. Thank you for blessing me with your story of God’s grace. God is our healer, comforter, and restorer. May you have many more cleansing breaths this week! Hugs to you!

  3. Beautiful post Lynn! Such meaningful memories and thoughts about your Dad! I love the breathing exercise you share, Catholic priest, Richard Rohrer shared that contemplative practice many years ago, and I embraced it then. Thank you for encouraging us to linger with the breath of life today.

    1. I’ve read of Richard Rohrer, Donna, but I have not dived into his books and practices. I am drawn to the contemplative practices such as lectio divina. They centre and bring us to the present and His presence, I find!

  4. Lynn, this is such a precious memory and tribute to your dad. May we remember the One who gives us life and breath. My dad struggles with pulmonary issues greatly and so, this post brought me encouragement. Thank you for reminding me of the One who holds every one of his breaths in His hands.

    1. Thank you, Linda! The memories are still there, even after all these years that he has been gone. Five years ago, we lost our brother (who would have been 60 years old today), and today I sit at a table that once was in his loving home. Blessed are we to have the blessings of those moved on from this life, always. hugs to you!

  5. I think nothing made us sit up and pay attention to our breath as the pandemic did. In India, where I am from, thousands of people died because of a shortage of oxygen. How much we take for granted.
    I’ve been focusing on my breathing too as I begin the day and do my gratitude practice at night.

    1. Corinne, thank you for paralleling our need for breath with the shortage of oxygen experienced by many from the pandemic. Physically many people died during from a lack of oxygen, and I pray that many experienced God’s breath of comfort. And focusing your breath during a gratitude practice is a wonderful way to bring God in. Thank you for sharing that spiritual practice!

  6. This sounds like a great way of being still and focusing on God. It is very easy to place our worth in our achievements or in other people’s opinions so I love this reminder that we have worth simply because God breathed his life in us.

  7. I love that God provides us the very air we breathe. Even when we don’t realize the gift is from God, and even if the gift comes wrapped in a shiny oxygen tank, the gift still comes from God.

  8. Lynn, this is such a touching and insightful message. I’m so happy that Yaweh breathes life giving cleansing breath within us constantly. I love that you included this breathing exercise. I’m going to have to do it.
    Visiting today from IMM #5&29

  9. This is beautiful, Lynne! There is a pause in taking a deep breath that allows our minds and bodies to slow down and become more present with our surroundings. It has helped me numerous times. God is our Breath of Life and for that I am so grateful.

    I also wanted to mention that it does my writer’s heart good to see that you are not writing every week. Words have not come as easily to me in the last year but God isn’t finished with me yet.

    1. This later response to you, Mary, also is testimony how have been writing here less, too!I say less, however feel generally content. God is definitely not finished with you (or any of us)! I do see your writing on another platforms, and your words always warm my writer’s heart!

  10. Lynn, this is beautiful. My One Word one year was BREATHE, because I’d been under so much stress for so long, I’d gotten out of the habit of taking deep breaths. I appreciate the reminder that God gives us breath. So beautiful. Loved your photos!

  11. What a beautiful portrait of your daddy’s life, Lynn. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate each breath, “Each breath is a reminder of God’s unchanging nature, and faithfulness to His promises.” I enjoyed your gorgeous photos!