The Story behind the story….

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“He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.” Isaiah 53:3

When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7

There’s a young woman on the street corner. She twirls fingers through threads of black hair that reach her bikini topped breast. Her other hand holds a cigarette, the red ashes falling in the dim light. Her black boots click, click as she walks. Her elbows rest on a grey sedan’s open window ledge. She opens the passenger door and she gets in, rides away.

There’s a teen on the driveway. She twirls fingers through threads of black hair that reach the lettering on her t-shirt across her breasts. Her other hand holds an over-flowing bag, the red sequins on the straps flashing like diamonds. Her white converse runners squeak, squeak as she walks. Her elbows rest on the red mustang’s open window ledge. She opens the passenger door and she gets in, rides away.

There’s a child in the house. She twirls her fingers through threads of black hair that reach the collar of her pink sweater. Her other hand holds a blonde barbie, the doll’s clothes laying on the bare floor unseen in the darkness. Her bare feet tap, tap, as she walks. Her elbows rest on the bedroom’s open window ledge. She hears a door open behind her, closes her eyes and dreams of a white car and she gets in, rides away.


There’s a 17 year-old woman, her name and picture flashed up on my television screen. A public risk, they say, charged for aggravated sexual assault for not disclosing her life-threatening STD to consenting sexual partners. She is hand-cuffed, chained, behind bars.

She is bad, people are told, for having HIV.

Her story today, as told by others, is all that anyone sees, knows.


There’s a baby in the crib. She twirls her fingers through threads of a pink blanket that reach her tummy. Her other hand holds a brown teddy bear, a red ribbon around it’s neck highlighted in the moon light. Her toes wave as she giggles. Her elbows rest on the mattress. She hears a door open behind her, her eyes open wide and she waves, waves her innocent tiny fists and feet in the air, ready to be embraced.

In today’s headlines, do you question “What is the story behind the story?”

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There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you–who are to judge your neighbour? James 4:12

(first published at Connecting Stories)

So many miracles


“It defies the world’s logic,” he said. “It’s something only God could reconcile.”

I nodded in agreement, thoughts swirling through my mind, however I couldn’t format any words into a coherent sentence.

So all that came out of my rounded mouth was “Wow.”  I twirled my tea cup, peppermint aroma gracing my senses. The sun from the cafe window warmed my hands, and imprinted tiny white stars in the blue eyes of my companion.

Sometimes there are just no words to describe what seemed impossible becoming possible. Sometimes, as in this case with my friend, there are just no words to describe a reaction from a story shared of a relationship that seemed irreconcilable becoming reconciled. Or that miraculous open door to a new beginning.

Sometimes there are just no words to describe God’s miracles.

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Seeing with the sea turtles


On my recent trip to Maui I was blessed to see these creatures of the sea–the sea turtle. Sometimes I’d spy one alone napping on an empty beach.


Sometimes I would spy a few rollicking in the waves, their heads poking above the waters for a mere second before disappearing again into the ocean.


Sometimes I would spy one bathing on the rocks of an ocean cove.


And other times I would see many huddled and resting together on rocks warmed by the tropical sun.

Whether napping as one on the empty beach, or riding with others in the waves, or huddling with many sunbathing in the coves, they seem to follow the natural order of things, I begin to see.

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Wrestling Surrender-Guest post by Joy

As I rest away in Maui this week, I have a special guest to fill the page! Meet Joy, a friend and writing comrade who opens her house each month to our Christian writers group, Writers Cafe (and must also say provides the sweetest treats as well my favorite brand of coffee)!  Version 3

There’s been something niggling to get to the forefront of my mind all week. Something I keep shoving back.  It’s a No-I-don’t-want-to-do-that! kind of shove.

But then an email from a friend arrives:

“Have you surrendered your role as _________________ to God? Are you willing to let it go completely and allow that His plan may be different, and not just resign yourself to that, but embrace it with anticipation?”

Rats! Way to bring up the elephant in the room. Now I can’t shove the niggling thought – the conviction from God – away. There it is, staring me right in the face.

God’s plans are not syncing with my plans. And I’m not happy about it!!

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A Loving Reminder


Usually I just scroll by or hit the delete tab, but this time I didn’t. Maybe the picture of an international city on my bucket list to visit or the tag line appealing to my growth mindset were the draws. Regardless, I clicked on the embedded video link in this email from the advertiser that I’d still not yet ‘unsubscribed.’

You know you are loved, she says, this beautiful woman gowned in a dress that flows gracefully to the top of her knees, and wearing such high-heeled shoes that I wonder if she practices walking on stage prior to addressing the few hundred woman that attend her conferences.

The camera spans across the women at white-clothed tables, women eager to better themselves and their businesses, of different nationalities and faith.

Her bracelets dangle as she sweeps her arms up and around as if to embrace someone. You are absolutely loved and it is from knowing that love, that you can give your best to the world, she continues.

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Restoring the details


“Oh, no. Now what?” I mumble to myself, my arm tiring from creaming together the ingredients that I thought were right. Except glancing at the recipe on my Ipad screen, I see I was to add in 1 cup of coconut sugar, not the 1 cup of coconut flour I was trying to blend. Worse yet, reading further, the recipe only calls for 1/3 cup coconut flour.

Interrupting the expletives piercing my thoughts, I come up with the only solution that may redeem these gluten-free snacks I am making for my daughter’s family.

Triple all the ingredients. And hope for the best.

As I search my pantry, praying I have enough of the necessary ingredients times three, I chastise myself for not reading the recipe closer in the first place. See, it is not the first time I’ve made these treats. So I guess I figured I already knew how.

So didn’t pay attention to the details.

And messed up.

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Until next week

I’ve been feeling a little bluesy lately, so decided to combat it with my song for the year, Overcomer by Mandisa, and by trying out the movie function on my new camera! Below is it, completely unedited and the first take!

I’m learning that it is when we show ourselves in our truest states, raw, unedited and broken, that our light shines brightest. Why do we hide so much in self-preservation believing we are safe within our walls of control? That is the subject I’ll be tackling every week in December.

But for today, I just leave you with a bit of the ‘out of comfort’ zone, raw me!


And the REAL MANDISA below!

See you next week!