Intentional Acceptance

There were more unchecked items than checked. And defeat began to creep into my mind. Why can’t you be more disciplined with your time? Why don’t you have more energy in the evenings? What is wrong with you? You got to do better.

I scanned over my month again. I may not have taken my vitamins everyday, or exercised three a week – but, I did take vitamins and exercised.

Small victories.

Often we measure our achievements as worthy if they are big and gruelling like running a marathon, writing that book, or securing a job promotion; the types of achievements and goals reached that are in the public eye. These wins can bring awards such as a new medal, a tangible item, or financial gain.

Then there are those days, weeks, or seasons that nothing gets achieved. We get done what needs to get done. Simply, daily life can be a challenge. Managing our family, our job, and our home takes up all our energy. There is no end point. No winning medal.

There is no reward for making it through another day. But we keep on keeping on! These inner battle achievements effect us long-term, and are more of an achievement than any single accomplishment.

Life is Complicated

Let’s remember that life is complicated.

We may feel we are not achieving leading to us thinking we have failed (as we are our harshest critic).


What if we looked at our success and failures as the same? We can learn from both experiences, and need not measure them as good or bad. They just are.

My one word for 2022 is Intentional. I had a plan. In my simple daily life I need to adjust. Now I am learning to look for the small victories among the unchecked items and the unachieved goals.

I am intentionally accepting my worth is not in achieving or failing. I am learning to celebrate the finishes and accept what didn’t go as planned. Both have their place in this experience of life.

What small victories can you celebrate today?

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  1. Lovely reminder today, Lynn. It’s so important to recognize those small victories. This morning, I made it to work safely despite the extremely dense fog. A big victory? Maybe not, but I’m thankful God watched over me.

  2. Thank you! I finish a lot less than I finish. But a few thing I do finish! Jesus finished the work! Intentionally! Great word!!

  3. Lynn, this is such an encouraging thought –> ‘We can learn from both experiences, and need not measure them as good or bad. They just are.’

    i’m appreciating that kind of perspective instead of always being hard on ourselves because we haven’t achieved perfection … or anything near it. Grace, grace.

  4. Amen, Lynn, it’s not about all the acomplishments, it’s about acceptance of who we are in Christ and living by grace. Being intentional isn’t always about the actual accomplishment as much as it is our deliberate efforts in doing whatever we do in a meaningful way.

  5. I feel you with this, Lynn. Sometimes instead of a “to do” list, I need to try making a “ta-dah!” list of things I DID accomplish instead of things I just wanted to. 🙂 But you’re right that our worth isn’t about achieving or failing. Small victories are definitely worth celebrating!

    1. A “ta-dah” list! How wonderful. It think I just might change my wording on my Success Journal, to my “Ta-dah” Journal. 🙂 And yes to celebrating! I hope your are celebrating your victories today!

  6. It’s so easy to let our lists determine our worth. Last week felt very productive and intentional…and then this week already has two unexpected events that threw my timeline off. But small victories add up to accomplished goals.

    1. Hi Anita! Those unexpected events do throw our timeline off! I have to continually check in with myself and Jesus when it comes to those unexpected events. Life’s about being present and serving those God has put on our path. I can get too caught up in my “list” and see those events as annoyances, when they may be where God wants me (and even correction). Have a wonderful day!

  7. Lynn, were you in my head last night? “Why can’t you be more disciplined with your time? Why don’t you have more energy in the evenings? What is wrong with you? You got to do better.”

    I thought those same thoughts!

    Thanks for reminding us both failures and achievements have their place on our journeys. We just got to keep on keeping on!

  8. I this post so much. Today I celebrate getting a leg and lower body workout in even though I have a knot in my shoulder that feels like a rotating hot knife that just won’t quit. Big or small, a win is a win that is worth celebrating. Some days we do the big thing and other days we are happy to make it through. And yes, our worth is not in achieving or failing.

    1. Wow! That’s fabulous that you got your work-out in even though you had shoulder pain! Yes, big or small a win is a win. Maybe we should just let wins be wins, with no measurement? As yours sounds like a big victory to me. Have a victorious day, Yvonne!

  9. Lynn, I love the idea ofacqcepting our victories and defeats with the same outlook, rather than as one being better than the other. We can learn from each. May my heart be open to the learning!

  10. Thank you, Lynn. It’s so easy to place our worth on our achieving or failing. So true that both have a place in our lives. Yet, there are small things in life that we don’t realize as achievements. Yes! Life can be a challenge. I will keep on keeping on with you with Jesus and His grace, my friend!

  11. Lynn, this >>> Success and failures …. “We can learn from both experiences, and need not measure them as good or bad. They just are.” So true. May we glean what we must from both experience as they both play a role in our growth.

  12. Great attitude to take, Lynn. It’s much more peaceful than dwelling on failures. I often feel my days have seen no accomplishments, but when I remember how much I prayed, or when I hear an answer to one of my prayers from someone I have prayed for, it makes it all worthwhile. I prayed on the phone for a friend the other day, and she called me the next day to tell me she had the answer. Praise the Lord! May God bless you, Lynn, in all you do (and don’t do). 🙂

  13. I’m a chronic list maker. If chores/events are not on my list (Google Task) or on my calendar (Google Calendar) they probably will not happen.

    Many times I have to do a reality check and acknowledge that I have to move something to next week, next month, or the “delete bin”.

    By praying over my schedule, God brings clarity.