Wooden Cross with tulips.

Jesus says, “Peace be with you.”

Church in Savannah, Georgia

An Easter blessing.

An empty tomb. 

Jesus’ tomb — where their Saviour, their teacher, their friend lay, was empty. The broken body of their King — gone.

Peter and John, along with the other disciples (except for Judas for he had betrayed Jesus, and for Thomas who was not with them that day) drew together behind a locked door. John’s gospel teaches it was a first day of the week, just after Peter and John witnessed Jesus’ empty tomb except for the strips of linen, and the cloth that had been wrapped around His head when buried.

An empty tomb. 

Church in Savannah, Georgia

Although scripture does not name the room where the disciples were hiding that day, bible scholars think it may have been the room upstairs where they stayed before (Act 1:13) and reference it as the Upper Room.

In the Upper Room that day, I imagine the disciples fear and sadness that laced the air, along with the lingering smell of bread and wine from their last supper when Jesus, their Saviour, their teacher, their friend was still there.

I imagine Peter feeling regret, the rooster’s crow still echoing in his mind.

I imagine the disciple John, tears flowing freely in grief and wondering how best to honour his Saviour’s request to take care of Jesus’ mother, Mary. 

I imagine, even though the disciples huddled together, the room felt empty without the presence of Jesus whose love they had known. 

A love that now seemed gone, with an empty tomb while they huddled in that locked Upper Room. 

And, I imagine, all the disciples were hoping they could have just one more day with Him. 


Then, He is suddenly standing before them. 

Church pews

Peace be with you.

Even after all He had endured—whippings, a crown of thorns, a cross to carry, nails in His hands, and all the sin of the world upon Him…

Jesus’ first words to His beloved disciples were to settle their grieving, fearful, and shameful hearts.

“Peace be with you!”

A field of yellow tulips.

Even when all seems empty, gone–a loved one, a job, a dream, a friend, a child moving out, consequences from a mistake — and your heart is grieving, may you remember Jesus first words to His disciples that day He appeared.

“Peace be with you.”

Those words are for you too, today and forever more.

More Reflections for Easter with the Psalms.

(adapted from original post published at A Place To Breathe, April 1, 2020)

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  1. Such a beautiful, comforting message, Lynn. Thank you. It’s beyond comprehension that after all Jesus suffered, His first words to them were “Peace be with you!” Thank You, Jesus! Love and blessings of a peace-filled Easter!

  2. So very beautiful! Thank you for reminding us of that call to receive His precious peace! I will hold onto that thought today. Easter Blessings to you dear sister!

  3. I love Jesus first words to His disciples after His resurrection, Lynn. They say so much! How He knew what they were feeling and how His very words would bring healing! How they still do!

  4. As many times as I have read these passages, I don’t think I realized the import that these were Jesus’ first words to His grieving disciples. What a blessing that this is His message to us. It reminds me of Ephesians 2:14: “He himself is our peace.”

  5. ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’
    – John 14:27

    I put this verse on repeat during times of anxiety or pain or fear. I’ve recited it an soaked it in more times than I can tell. Thank You, Jesus.