October Thanksgiving-a Daily Gratitude Bible Reading Plan

I love everything about fall. How about you?

We’ve been experiencing a lovely fall in the Alberta prairies. The result is the leaves have stayed on the trees much longer than I have seen in many years! I am grateful for the rich fall colours I can witness on the cherry and poplar trees in my own neighbourhood. So, I don’t have to go far to experience the splendours of fall!

In Canada, our Thanksgiving holiday is in October. I’m thankful for a sister who makes Thanksgiving dinner, as I can’t seem to master cooking a turkey. It tends to be over-cooked, or not done at the same time as all the other meal items! But dessert…that’s another story. I am actually okay at baking desserts. So you can see where my priorities lie!

Benefits of Gratitude

I know that we see many messages about the benefit of gratitude, including that gratitude can make us happier. It’s a message, though, that we need to keep taking in. Other benefits of daily gratitude include:

  • feeling more positive emotions
  • improving your health
  • helping you better manage negative emotions such as conflict
  • becoming more present in life
  • developing healthier relationships

A mindset of gratitude does take practice. Thankfully, even our bible reading can fill us with gratitude! To help, I created a calendar with daily thanksgiving scriptures. Will you join me in these daily readings? You can download a PDF version of the calendar HERE.

What do you love about fall?

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  1. I haven’t mastered a turkey either, Lynn…except the small breast. 🙂 Lovely post today. You’re fall foliage photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the cool and crisp mornings, but lately we’ve been warm and humid.

  2. The photos are breathtaking, Lynn. I love watching the trees change color in the fall. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a blessed time with your family. I need to work more on that mindset of gratitude. Thank you for the calendar of thanksgiving verses. I love today’s. Grace – Thanksgiving – His Glory. 🙂 Love and blessings to you!

  3. One thing I love about fall is my husband and I both have birthdays one week apart in November. And the week prior to those birthdays, we celebrate the one-hour life of our middle baby daughter that died after birth. It’s a bittersweet day, but we never miss it. Even thought Kali didn’t stay here long with us in the flesh, she’s forever with us in our hearts.

    1. Oh Lisa, I am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful way to continue to honour your middle daughter’s life every year. A friend of mine does the same thing for her baby that died at birth on Christmas Day. They celebrate the birth of Christ along with her daughter’s birth even though her daughter lived just a few minutes.

  4. What a great idea–a fresh thanks-giving scripture for each day of the month! I will definitely be downloading that calendar page. Thank YOU, Lynn, for your gift!

  5. Thanks for the reading plan, Lynn! It’s so pretty. 🙂 What do I love about fall? So much. I love the changing of leaves, which has been beautiful this year. I love pumpkin spice lattés. the sense of life slowing down a little, the cooler weather that encourages sweaters. I love time with my family. But, I love that any time of year. 😉 I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I also love everything related to fall…is my favorite season.

    I should start a gratitude journal…I wanted for a long time but I just did not started it…I am sure will benefit my anxiety episodes.

    Thanks for sharing these benefits and wish you a great weekend!