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February 2 question – Is there someone who supported or influenced you that perhaps isn’t around anymore? Anyone you miss?

Mark and Susan, my brother and sister ’n law. My brother passed away from cancer in 2017 and my sister ’n law passed away two years later, also from cancer. 

I still miss them both.

They met when working at the CBC; Susan a writer, broadcaster and producer; Mark a radio technician and photographer. Later they a production company creating award winning documentaries and a food network series, “The Thirsty Traveller.” These films and shows took them world travelling including to Vietnam, Russia, Germany, and all over Canada . Their travels are reflected in Susan’s paintings, some that hang in my home.

Even when dealing with the pain and trials of cancer, they found ways to give back that includes publishing a cookbook of recipes by neighbours who showed up at their door with meals and treats.  The cookbook’s tag line is “….neighbours helping neighbours.” Their pecan muffin recipe is my favourite. 

Although I am inspired by their achievements, it is their pleasure activities and hospitality that influences me the most. My brother was a volunteer for their regions Folk Festival and he was on the board for the neighbourhood Lawn Bowling League. My sister ’n law, along with painting, in her 50th decade, found her love of equestrian, took lessons, and entered competitions. Some of her competitors were only 10 years old but that did not stop her.  During my summer visits, sitting on their  front porch surrounded by summer flowers (they loved to garden), a neighbour would always stop in to chat. 

Experiences and relationships…life’s precious treasures. 

It’s through those we have lost who teach us how to live.

Is there someone who influences you that is no longer around? 

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A Treasured Experience in January 2022

Last week, my book club was honoured to have Bonnie Gray join us! Graciously she answered all our questions about her latest book, “Sweet Like Jasmine.” Her words were encouraging and ministered to each of our own stories. Our book club gave “Sweet Like Jasmine” a 5 star rating! You can purchase “Sweet Like Jasmine” at all major book retailers.

We are always looking for our next book club read! Any suggestions? If you are an author, have you talked to bookclubs reading your books?

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    1. It is sweet and I have more visual memories, Ashley, of my SIL and brother. They also taught me the importance of leaving photos of self and reminders for those you leave behind when you pass on. Have a blessed day!

  1. The paintings are beautiful! And a cookbook of recipes they were blessed to enjoy is priceless. You are so right >> “It’s through those we have lost who teach us how to live.” It’s amazing how those lessons are never forgotten but are treasured more and more with the passing of time.

  2. So amazing that your sister-in-law only began painting in her 50s and yet those paintings are incredible. What a beautiful reminder to us all to be open to new beginnings and new talents God desires to unlock in us – at any age. Mark and Susan sound like beautiful souls. Oh how you much you must miss them. Praise God for His sweet comfort and the everlasting arms of hope in our grief.

    Thank you for sharing about them both. Those paintings touch my heart so much. Such warmth exudes from them. Surely God’s beautiful touch.

    At my Mum’s funeral my sister got upset at someone who said “what a waste” and that she was much too young. She said: no, Mum gave more in her 59 years than many do in many more. It sounds like you could say that of your brother and sister-in-law too and that Jesus is still giving to others through them: in the memories, in the paintings, in the recipes. Love from afar

    1. Hi Anna, “What a beautiful reminder to us all to be open to new beginnings and new talents God desires to unlock in us – at any age” Yes! I love how your mom is remembered as giving more in her 59 years than many do. What a legacy to leave behind, and inspiring!

  3. dear Lynn, i am so sorry about this double lose in your life. i am touched by the way ‘they found ways to give back’ and had such an influence on those around them.