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August 4 question – What is your favorite writing craft book? Think of a book that every time you read it you learn something or you are inspired to write or try the new technique. And why?

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Often, just before I begin writing, I read an essay by Anne Lamont, and a blog post by Ann Voskamp. Although not typical ‘how to write’ readings, each time I learn about form, language, and how to engage a reader. Their voices are different, but their quality of writing is top notch in my opinion! 

Non-Fiction Writing Craft Books

Two books that are just a reach away whenever I write are Tell It Slant by Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola, and Slice me some truth (Wolsak and Wynn). Both of these resources inspire my creative non-fiction writing with their instruction and powerful essays. Slice me some truth is also all Canadian creative non-fiction, feeding my Canada patriotism! 

And, of course, I have Strunk and and White’s Elements of Style that I should be referring to more. I also should read The Wrong Word Dictionary (Dave Dowling) that I bought two years ago. Those are a couple of ‘should’s’ but how do you get away from your should’s as a writer? Procrastination is my never-ending battle it seems. 

Have any book suggestions for procrastination? Or books that you continually go back to? 

The awesome co-hosts for the August 4 posting of the IWSG are PK Hrezo,Cathrina Constantine,PJ Colando,Kim Lajevardi, and Sandra Cox!

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  1. The photograph is beautiful. I could definitely see myself taking in huge deep breaths. Where is it taken? It looks like BC or maybe on the Alberta border? Very peaceful. Thanks for the link to Ann’s blog. I’m checking it out right now.

  2. Lynn, that photo definitely makes me breathe deep! A few writing books I really like are: The Story Equation, by Susan May Warren, Word Painting, by Rebecca McClanahan, and The Art of War for Writers, by James Scott Bell. Three very different books with great information. 🙂