Life is a journey we are meant to do with others. Let’s work together, from our God-given gifts and promises, so we make the world a better place.

ABOUT the owner

HI! I’m Lynn

Yes, I do like to wear several hats at once. I’m a certified life coach, a scribbler of words, and a grammar junkie who likes fine-tuning writing, so words sing in harmony on the page.

I’m also a Christian with a faith that cannot be separated from all that I do. Grace, empathy, and compassion are my key notes, playing their part whether I am crafting an article, copy editing a newsletter, or helping a coaching client discover their values — my faith is part of the journey.

Life is a journey that we are not meant to do alone. If you need someone to come alongside you to discover your joy, your passions, and your strengths, I could be that person. If you need an editor’s touch, I can help you with that too! And if you just need inspiration for your soul, I hope I can do that, too, when you take a moment to read, renew, and refresh here.

what I believe in


We can be confident and courageous in our God-given gifts and talents.


We are joyful when living out of our best selves, and it starts with taking care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


A messy first draft is the first step to polished writing. So, get out of your own way, and write those first words!

These are a few of my favorite things
Good books, a day in the mountains, taking photographs, interior design magazines, watching baking shows, art journalling, and all things chocolate-mint.
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