“I found Lynn to be insightful and very helpful. I looked forward to my coaching sessions and even though the tough questions she made me answer made me squirm, in the end I learned a lot about myself.”

Coaching Client


“I was surprised at how easy it was to talk about my obstacles with Lynn and find her guiding me to a solution that was already there. Lynn helped me to make mole hills out of mountains. She helped me find my way back to order and understanding myself. I will use her techniques for future hurdles in my life.”

Coaching Client

Not ready to start making changes with one on one coaching sessions?

No problem! 

Another way you can start creating the life you envision for yourself are tools to intentionally get you started. 

I’ve created U Coach You resources that are FREE for you to get started on those dreams, goals and habits to create your best life.

Take a look! 

And feel free to connect with me with your questions and comments on these resources. Just click on the images below to download and save to your computer to print so you can Get Started.

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Like all of us, I have had successes and struggles, and continue to grow and develop. I’ve had teachers and coaches who have helped me create healthy habits and overcome self-defeating behaviours. 

As a Professional Certified Life Coach, I have helped others on their journey to remembering who they are in Christ, and guided them to uncover, restore, and build their God-breathed dreams, visions and goals.

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