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     Hey there, 

       I’m Lynn.

           I coach Christian women to live out their God-given gifts and talents. 

.....because the world needs you...

Be Authentic

Live Out Your Gifts

Serve on Purpose


don't miss out on living your authentic life


God made you special with a purpose only you can fulfill. I help equip you with tools to live a prosperous, heart-centred, and fulfilled life. 

What it will cost you if you don’t get coaching….

Face it. We are living in uncertain times. More than ever, personal and spiritual development is needed to navigate these unsettling times.

Life was never meant to live unfulfilled regardless of your circumstances.

The truth is living your God-given purpose is needed more than ever for you, your relationships, and your community.

Are you feeling uncertainty, stress or anxiety about your future?

Are you feeling restless and not sure what is wrong?

Have you tried every trick in the book but can’t stay on track with your goals?




Be confident and courageous in your God-given gifts and talents.

Live your hopes, dreams, and goals with tools that fit your personality and lifestyle. 

Serve by living your purpose for the world only the way you can.

You can live your best life.

Your Life Coaching will…

• help you make the changes in your life that align with God’s plan

• get you beyond the obstacles that have held you back from your goals and dreams

•recharge you for life to live out your God-given purpose and serve the world as only you can


I am Lynn J Simpson and a Professional Certified Life coach helping women 40 years and older remember who they are in Christ, and guide them to build their God-breathed gifts, so they live on purpose. 

As a young divorcee of three children, juggling single motherhood, career, and the challenges of a special needs child, I’ve experienced burn-out, discouragement, and anxiety over my choices. 

Then I found mentors and coaches who helped me overcome self-defeating behaviours. In my early 40’s I turned my life back to God; the Truth that brings peace and purpose to life.

Since then I became a thriving business manager, a successful sales specialist, and a published author.

I’ve been blessed to:

Come along aside women as they discover their joy, their passions, and their dreams (again) during our coaching sessions.

Witness God’s work in dozens of women when we come together to reflect and pray at my On His Pathways retreats.

Hear from women who purchased my journals and discovered what really  brings them joy.

“…insightful and very helpful….”

    “I found Lynn to be insightful and very helpful. I looked forward to my coaching sessions and even though the tough questions she made me answer made me squirm, in the end I learned a lot about myself.”

K. M. Edmonton, Canada

I offer three coaching plans so you can get the best value.

           How to get started…


Book a free 30 minute discovery call.

We’ll chat about what you’d like to achieve with coaching, determine if we can work together, and discuss next steps.


Pick a coaching plan.

Pick a plan that will meet your time and financial needs.


Start living an authentic life.

Imagine feeling equipped to live a prosperous and fulfilling life…

Aligning our actions according to our values results in:

more confidence,

less stress,

and better time management, so we are more present with the ones we love.

Discover your Core Values and live authentically as the woman God made you to be.

Lynn J Life Coach

stop living the same day over and over. instead be recharged for life.

I know you want to live an authentic life. To do that you need to live in alignment with your purpose. The problem is you don’t know where to start which makes you feel defeated and stuck. We are meant to live a joyfilled life by living out our God-given gifts and talents. I understand your discontentment! I coach you to make changes so you live authentically as God intended. 

“…helped me find my way back to order and understanding myself.”

  “I was surprised at how easy it was to talk about my obstacles with Lynn and find her guiding me to a solution that was already there. Lynn helped me to make mole hills out of mountains. She helped me find my way back to order and understanding myself. I will use her techniques for future hurdles in my life.”

R.  R. Alberta, Canada

Like all of us, I have had successes and struggles, and continue to grow and develop. I’ve had teachers and coaches who have helped me create healthy habits and overcome self-defeating behaviours. 

As a Professional Certified Life Coach, I have helped others on their journey to remembering who they are in Christ, and guided them to uncover, restore, and build their God-breathed dreams, visions and goals.

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